Weight Loss Through Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse Diet or the Lemonade Cleanser Diet, as its commonly known is a famous diet plan that many have tried and is gaining continuous popularity. One of the big name that acquired desirable results from this diet is Beyonce Knowles - she actually lost 73 pounds from this diet plan. Many people have successively taken up this diet plan and achieved wonderful results and so its proven to live up to its statement of losing weight instantly, which perhaps is the main charm of this diet plan. Fasting has been emphasized on even before this plan was introduced, may it be Jesus, Plato or Hippocrates all have shed light on the benefits of fasting and practically implemented it too. So another reason for such a following can also be routed to the religion or belief of a person as Master Cleanse Diet is programmed as a fast where only liquids are consumed which in this case is a lemon drink, giving it the weight losing option of fasting as well as the cleansing properties of the lemon drink.

The diet involves consuming a drink made out of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, water and fresh lemon juice mixing up to a tasteless drink which equals to the taste of water. This drink when combined with the fasting procedure works wonders as fasting loses weight and the lemonade cleanses the colon of harmful toxics. However there is more to it, the Salt Water Flush program where you are required to drink water with salt mixed in it, is difficult to drink as well as dangerous to health in many ways and also the sole cause of dislike from the people who suffer from its consequences.

People often complain of the nauseatic feeling after drinking salt water, of course its taste is also an issue and to top it all availability of toilet should be present at all times as it comes straight out with the waste and does not dissolve inside although a number of cases have been reported to have no response at all and the reasons are yet not clear. But it should be kept in consideration that consuming large amount of salt can kill a person. If you consume the salt solution and it does not react the way it should, promptly consult a doctor as it may prove fatal. Salt retains water and bears no weight of its own however the retention of water results in weight gain which can only be lost in a Master Cleanse diet as other diets tend to have minimal or no effect on the weight gained due to salt retention of water in their bodies. Also, the recommendations of taking a laxative tea may act harshly on your intestines.

The losses this diet contain need to be replaced with new ideas and concept as to overcome the side effects and enjoy a healthy diet plan which can deliver the same results without posing any threat to the overall health of a person.


Table Of Contents

Master Cleanse
Master Cleanse body detox diet guide

Master Cleanse Detox Diet Benefits
The many benefits of Master Cleanse diet

Weight Loss Through Master Cleanse
The Master Cleanse detox diet and how it helps you lose weight

Preparing for Master Cleanse
How to prepare for the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Instructions
Instructions and guide on how to detox with Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Diet Tips
Tips to help you complete the Master Cleanse diet successfully

Master Cleanse Ingredients
Ingredients that make the Master cleanse detox diet so effective

Master Cleanse Side Effects
Side effects of the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Dangers
The dangers of the Master Cleanse detox diet

Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush
Guide to the Salt Water Flush diet

Master Cleanse Common Mistakes
Mistakes that dieters do that prevent them from completing the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Diet Helped Beyonce Lose Weight
Find out how Beyonce lost 20lbs through Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Review
Is the Master Cleanse diet right for you?

Master Cleanse Secrets
A review of the Master Cleanse Secrets ebook



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