Vitamin Supplements And Body Detoxification

Your goal in detoxing your body is to achieve greater health and energy, but you must be aware that there are pitfalls to watch out for while you are working to flush the toxins from your system. Herbs and vitamins are generally safe, but in combination they may create risks that you need to watch out for.

Certain ingredients of vitamin supplements act as anti-anemia compounds and contain unsaturated fats and enzymatic chemicals as well as phospholipids.

Which nutritional compounds should be taken during a detox? Which vitamins block the effects of one another and prevent the absorption and function of others?

Viatmin B1, for instance, in large amounts can prevent the good work of B2 and folic acid. Too much vitamin A can block the absorption of C, K, and E. The best solution is to take multi-vitamins during your detox, since they contain supplements already grouped in the proper dosages and combined into one pill. It is virtually mistake-proof.

Certain supplements are only good for you when taken to alleviate an actual health problem that you have been diagnosed with. These types of supplements are not meant to be taken on a continual basis by people who do not suffer from the associated health problems. Large doses of vitamin A, for example, can be good for dermatitis, conjunctivitis or boils. The amount needed for these conditions is more than can be found in a multi-vitamin pill. Zinc may be good for people with immune deficiency, sexual potency or adrenal issues, but those without such health problems may not need to take extra zinc and won't get any benefit from it.

When you are going through a detox, you may need a multi-vitamin. You would only need additional supplements if you are suffering from a temperature that may be too high or low, have too much sun exposure, or have been taking antibiotic medications that may deplete the body of vitamins.

Neomycin, for instance, can block vitamin A from being absorbed in the body. Sleeping pills may negate the effects of B2 and aspirin will do the same with folic acid. Over a long period of time, these issues can be harmful to your health.

During a detox, many people may develop a lack of protein in their system. Taking additional vitamins may not help and can actually cause the vitamins to be flushed out of the body without being useful at all.

If protein in ingested at less than 2 grams per kilo of weight, which can happen when concentrating on a vegetable and fruit diet, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 as well as C can be adversely affected. Those who are serious athletic competitors in sports requiring speed and strength may require additional C, B6 and B2. Those who participate in endurance sports will need extra C as well as B1. Females are more likely to need additional B6.

Many active sports enthusiasts don't get the proper nutrients to begin with and if they are planning to detox, they may want to add a multi-vitamin, especially if they are training while detoxing. The supplements will help keep their health and energy level up when they are exercising their bodies to the limit.

To ensure adequate blood clotting while working out at a high level, supplementing vitamin A, C, E and P as well as PP can be a good idea. During a detox diet, ensuring adequate levels of all these vitamins is especially important. However, if the heavy exerciser or competitor is not deficient in these vitamins and has not become deficient during their detox, the vitamins will not have any effect on their energy level.

Supplementing C, E and P plus nicotinic acid may help when training heavily. An IV shot is available for those who have stomach upset. Supplementation of B1 and B2 should cease a week prior to strenuous activity so that you will remain alert and energized.

Do large dosages keep athletic energy flowing?

If your system is deficient in vitamins (particularly co-enzyme synthesizers) taking supplements will help with the energy level, but if not then taking extra supplements is a waste of time. One caveat that you should be aware of her is that vitamin B15 is always necessary during intense workout periods. This supplement encourages needed metabolic effects within the body.

If you can plan ahead about a week, taking a 3-day regimen of B12 along with 2 or 3 days of cessation will raise your athletic performance level while avoiding muscle stiffness. Ascorbic acid on the other hand, has been shown to have no effect, while high levels of vitamin C consumption will actually cause muscle capacity to drop for a period of 14 to 21 days.

If you are under significant stress or have an infection or are taking antibiotics, B1 may bring about an adverse reaction. It is best to consume vitamin B1 and B2 separately, since side effects occur more often when they are taken together.

Nicotinic acid (also known as vitamin B3, niacin or vitamin PP) taken to excess may result in darkening of the skin, stomach pain, nausea, increased bowel movements, itchy rash, or even boils. Supplements of A and E have been known (only rarely) to cause allergies. It's best to use great care when you are recovering from a detox with lots of exercise going on at the same time.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can be unstable and cause allergic reactions at large doses. Supplementation of vitamin C can decrease the flow of nutrients through the blood vessels and interfere with nutrients being transmitted to your body's organs. It can affect the blood, nerves and heart muscle.

Taking ascorbic acid on a regular basis can alleviate calcium deficiency as well as help kidney stones and stomach and intestinal ulcers. All this should make clear that getting back to normal after a detox can induce stress and strain on your system.


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