Tomato and Body Detoxification

It has been proven over and over that water is essential to the cleansing of the body's functional systems. It is now known that the process is accelerated and enhanced by adding water rich fruits and vegetables. The consumption of these foods along with water helps to flush toxins from the body. Adding these water rich foods to your diet can increase your water consumption by as much as 60%. Melons are not just for desert. They are sweet and add much water to your system. Tomatoes are definitely one of the foods that are rich in water and other nutrients as well.

The tomato is a very common food used in almost every culture's diet. They are actually a fruit, but when it comes to preparing dishes it is frequently used as a vegetable. The tomato has an amazing function that many are not aware of. It is high in lycopene, which makes it a perfect candidate for a detox diet. Lycopene is an antioxidant, important in keeping cancer cells under control. Tomatoes also fight other diseases as well. Lycopene helps to flush out the free radicals that play havoc with an otherwise healthy body. It is the lycopene that gives the tomato its lovely brilliant color. Although lycopene is found in other foods, tomatoes have the highest concentration of this powerful antioxidant.

More Tomato Advantages
Besides being a super cancer fighter, the tomato can also help with high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, and other diseases. Doctors have studied the tomato and have determined its usefulness in guarding against these conditions.

The list of potential cancers that are reduced by the consumption of tomatoes is a long one. Some of the affected cancer types are prostate, rectal, cervical, colon, stomach, esophagus, and cancers of the pharynx and the mouth. As the lycopene in the tomatoes is absorbed into the body, the cancer cells are stopped. The tomatoes starve them of their ability to multiply. The immune system is boosted.

Testing Tomatoes
Scientists have tested the effectiveness of the tomato in fighting disease. They created cultures in order to test the presence and effectiveness of the lycopene present in the tomatoes. They have found strong proof of the prevention of cancer cell growth in both pre-cancerous cells and developed cells. Those having been diagnosed with cancer would do well to begin a routine of tomato eating. In fact, all would benefit from adding tomatoes to the daily diet to help fight the toxins that we are exposed to on a regular basis.

Lycopene has more benefits still. They help you to maintain a hydrated state and that can be helpful in keeping you healthy and disease free. Tomatoes are an easy way to give yourself the advantage of being hydrated and protected from the most critical of illnesses.

You can maintain a healthy diet including tomatoes by simply drinking the juice. A small glass of tomato juice every day with breakfast or even as a snack will help to keep you healthy.

Begin Today!
Tomato juice is quite thick and if you don't care for the taste, add a bit of water to thin it. You can also get your daily tomato benefits by adding them to salads, eating them raw like a piece of fruit, or cooking them into your every day food dishes. The great thing about lycopene is that it is just as effective whether cooked or raw. The bioavailability of the nutrients remains the same no matter how you eat the tomatoes.


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