Starting A Detox Diet

Why do you start a detox diet? When you want to reduce weight, detox diet can work like magic. One can't imagine that there are number of toxins present in our body. About 10 pounds of your weight is because of the toxins which are collecting in the body throughout the years. It means if you detox your body often then you will lose 10 pounds which will make you lighter in weight.

The purpose of detoxification of the body is not only to reduce the weight but to get rid of toxins. These unwanted substances or toxins actually keep the person uncomfortable with mental and physical pain. Even it also has bad impact on the functions of the main system. These toxins keep the person uncomfortable either in the form of headaches or some digestion problems. It can even make things worse. Most health experts encourage detoxification to get rid of the toxins because it if it is left untreated then it may become the cause of various diseases.

For the detox process, people consider hospital or clinic because these are the places where it can be done. It may make the person feel uncomfortable because of the presence of other people. Those who don't like to get it done at the hospital can consider a detox diet. A detox diet is one of the best alternates of detoxification which seems more effective as compared to going through the practical process.

One of the simple questions is how to start the detox diet? The answer is very simple - start the day with pure water. Drink 500 ml of pure water in the morning. Also take high fiber breakfast such as high-fiber cereal can be taken for breakfast. If you prefer not to take cereal, brown bread along with boiled egg are also good options. Make sure your breakfast includes fruit juices or slices of fruit.

Detox diet is not only based upon high-fiber breakfast, in fact pure water is the main component of a detox diet which needs to be taken the whole day or after every 30 minutes. Drinking 500 ml after every 30 minute will rush you to the washroom and help you flush out the toxins rapidly. With this water therapy your urine gets clear, constipation will no longer remain a problem and other systems will start working properly too.

Detox diet is not only about eating and drinking in fact for taking full advantage from detox diet you need to do some exercises as well. Exercise like walking for 30 minutes or more can also speed up detoxification. Beside this you can join gym or can do aerobics at home. The main objective is to keep the body moving.

Mostly people think if they start detox diet then they have to starve which is a wrong concept. In this diet you just need to be careful in selecting food such as only including organically grown vegetables and pure fruits in your diet. Include the foods which are rich in fiber and carry high water content such as oranges, grapes and watermelon.

In order to make your detox diet successful and for effective results, follow the detox diet religiously. Try to start a detox diet on a weekend instead of working days because it may keep you busy in work instead of the diet. This diet plan requires only two days.

One must consult doctor before starting this detox diet in order to avoid any complication that may arise due to food allergy. You can discuss your medical problems, allergies as well as how to plan out the detox diet with your doctor.


Exercising While on a Detox Diet

Is it a good idea to exercise while on a detox diet? The reason of this question is that when we detox our energy is used up in the process. Mild exercise can actually speed up the process of detoxification. If you overdo then you might face problems that's why some detox diets discourage from over exercising or too much physical activity.

There are some detox diets that encourage mild exercises but not in the first days when the person feels headache, fatigue and other symptoms due to sudden withdrawal from regular diets.

In 2-3 days you will overcome the side effects and can start mild exercises. If you feel tired and feel like discontinuing the exercise because of exertion then simple stop it. For example, while riding a stationary bike at a fast speed it is better to slow it down in order to be light on your body. Sweating is a good sign during exercise as it helps in releasing the toxins from the body and so assists in the process of detoxification.

Massage can also help in releasing toxins and so it cleanses the body. When you don't feel like doing exercise then it is better to opt for massage in order to release the toxins and to feel relaxed as well.

In detox diets which require a person to fast so due to low energy level it is not possible to take part in physical activity or exercises. For beginners too it is not easy to exercise with detox diet but those who have already experienced detoxification process for elimination of harmful substances can easily work out. If you find it difficult to exercise during detox diet then don't lose hope as you can try it next time.

According to some experts it is important to exercise regularly during detox diet program as it speeds up the elimination of the toxins. Elson M. Haas and Daniella Chace, the author of the book "The New Detox Diet," stressed the importance of exercise during detox diet program because it improves metabolism and also speeds up the process of detoxification.

In their book they also talk about the importance of drinking plenty of water to flush out the harmful substances. This shows that the fluids act as a backbone of any detox diet to be effective. It is better to opt for safe exercises like walking, jogging and swimming. Do not opt for rigorous exercises as these will lower the calorie intake on your detox diet.

Yoga is also a good and light option of exercise during detox diet. There are some poses of yoga that helps in the detoxification process. It is also good for mental and physical relaxation.

When it comes to selecting exercise during detox diet program make sure you are choosing the light one as it is safe and recommended by experts too. Be careful that you don't overdo any exercise during your detox diet program as it can cause problem instead of giving benefits.


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