Body Detox and Psyllium Husk

People today use many methods to improve the overall health of the body but a very few turn towards detoxification method. In the world today where production of crops are increased using chemicals and fertilizers which in turn harm our body when we consume fruits, vegetables and other grains that are grown using these methods. Canned and processed foods contain additives, preservatives and flavoring agents which are also responsible for polluting our bodies.

Our bodies naturally contain a filter system inside that is capable of cleansing harmful waste materials and toxins off the body in small amounts. This process slowly and gradually rids the body of the harmful materials but to an extent. When the body however is faced with an overload of toxins then it starts to lose its capability to flush them out. When such a situation arises the immune system of the body begins to weaken thus effecting the functioning of the other body organs and parts too.

One property of the Psyllium husk is that it swells in very large proportions when combined with water. It attaches to the fecal materials when waste passes through intestinal tract softening them in return and turning into a fatty mass that passes through the colon easily and quickly. Another very beneficial way of developing and aiding friendly bacteria in the body is to use Psyllium husk with Bentonite clay. The mixture of both is also good in helping the waste to pass easily through the body.

To rid the body off the toxins and harmful materials in exception to reducing intake of these harmful materials is using detoxification which is also very beneficial. Detoxification refers to the process where the body is cleansed off the harmful elements present in the body. Detoxification gradually rids the colon of the toxins that accumulate due to years of unhealthy consumption. Our intestines and colon are covered with hair like mucus to which the toxins stick to when they pass through. As this mucus wall gets thicker by continuous sticking of the toxins there comes a point where passing of the foods and waste of the body becomes hard.

Through one point or the other all the blood of the body passes the bowel, so if it is infected with toxins these can be carried to the different parts of the body through the blood and greatly affect the health of the entire body. Detoxification and cleansing programs therefore can play a major role in clearing the colon of the waste and improve overall body health.

Before going for a cleansing program you should always consult a doctor because there are certain requirements of the detox diet that should be followed in order to achieve the maximum results. For example solid foods are to be totally avoided and only certain juices and pressed foods should be consumed during the diet. There are also supplements present in the market that take care of the other requirements of the body so that the body does not collapse and the PH balance is maintained.

Detoxification is a great thing in improving the overall health of the body but you should not overdo it.

A detoxification diet should be followed with a change in the diet habits and lifestyle and also the intake of Psyllium husk should be continued not only as a nutritional supplement in form of dietary fiber but also an agent that facilitates free flow of waste in the body.


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