Master Cleanse Side Effects

Your weight plays an essential part in your overall appearance and to make yourself presentable a slim and smart body is considered a must. Obesity is a very common factor faced by many people worldwide and to overcome it people try different types of exercises and diets. Those with a strong will and the time for it, depend on regular exercises whereas the other kind resolve to using diet plans. Out of the many available diets the Master Cleanse Diet is referred to by many as an effective weight loser and a reliable colon cleanse. This diet is attracting many followers towards itself day by day, however many are not aware of the side effects the Master Cleanse Diet brings with it.

A diet plan formulated by Stanley Burroughs, was first introduced in 1941,however it gained its popularity in the 90's when Hollywood celebrities decided on taking up the diet and stated its result to be a 100 percent positive one. The basic aim of this detox diet is to detoxify the harmful toxins and protein in your colon which accumulates due to the use of caffeine and other junk or unhealthy food. Many people are also of the opinion that using this diet plan can also help in problems like ulcers, bowel cancer and other diseases.

The diet's main focus is on liquids that are prepared using either fruits or vegetables, even plain water is not allowed without mixing some citrus juice in it. No drinks that contain caffeine is allowed. In addition no solid food is allowed too, for at least 10 days which can be extended to a period of 30 to 90 days, depending on how long your body reacts to the plan and loses the required weight.

The Master Cleanse Diet was not originally formulated for weight loss, instead it was formulated for the cleansing of the colon which tends to get polluted because of the heavy metals, all the fertilizers and pesticides used on the grains that we consume leave poisoning residue which accumulates in our colon. When master cleanse diet is taken to clean up the colon some side effects are experienced. The persistent feeling of nausea or headache is a common side effect experienced by many. Some people may even face severe stomach cramps or complain about joints pain. Frequent visits to the washroom is also common to many. Everyone faces side effects but for some they are serious and as for the others, it is just an unpleasant feeling.

Another side effect faced by many is the regaining of weight more quickly and sometimes you end up weighing more than before. When the master cleanse diet is taken up you avoid any solid food, which results in the slowing of the metabolism. Due to decreased metabolism, when solids are actually taken they burn calories at a lower rate thus increasing weight. So in the end, the Master Cleanse Detox Diet is not actually very fruitful as a weight loss program.


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Master Cleanse Side Effects
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