Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush

SWF or Salt Water Flush is a vital part of the Master Cleanse Diet. It is the basic requirement that needs to be performed in order to detoxify your body of impurities. This procedure can be performed over the duration of 3 to 14 days depending on how long you decide to take up the diet. It's considered as an internal cleansing process that is also referred to as Intestinal Cleanse as well as Natural Colon Cleanse.

Why Is It Important
Many of us are not aware of the fact that we pollute our bodies daily by consuming food that converts into toxins and harmful chemicals and by the intake of dangerous gases which result in the form of minor ailments that ultimately lead to a greater problem. Our body gets fatigued over time and begin to show symptoms of toxification. Major hair loss, constipation, restlessness, aggressive behavior all are signs that suggest that your body needs to be detoxified and that is where the salt water procedure is introduced. The Salt Water Flush is a simple concoction of sea salt and filtered water, used early morning just before eating or drinking anything. It has proved itself to be an effective weight losing program too.

The Salt Water Flush is prepared using sea salt where only non iodized salt should be used. 1 teaspoon of salt combined with 35 ounces of water will do the job for you. It acts as a laxative, cleansing your colon and digestive systems.

How Does It Work
The prepared mixture should be consumed entirely and should be freshly prepared every time you consume it. In the beginning this may prove to be a hard job as salt water may prove harsh on your taste buds it can also be taken in small quantities within a day. It acts similar to enema, but while it flushes the harmful chemicals, it also flushes the useful bacteria from our body. To obtain best results it should be performed early morning with a gap of maximum 8 hours after meal. Salt Water Flush reacts on different people differently depending on the intakes of protein based food and amount of accumulated residues in a person's body. Those who do not experience any bowel movements after taking the Salt Water Flush should increase the amount of salt and try again. Nausea is a common symptom experienced after having a flush. Never overdo yourself.

How Do We Benefit
As salt water possess the same gravity as blood it easily washes away without absorbing itself thus cleaning the toxic waste and chemicals from your colon in an effective way without affecting your kidneys. However if consumed in large quantities it can prove dangerous in the form of high blood pressure. Salt Water Flush is an easy and natural process but should not be practiced too often and without the consultation of a doctor. Those who suffer from constipation should take herbal laxatives before taking the flush and spicy, oily and junk food should be avoided while going through this process.

All in all, Salt Water Flush exhibits better results as compared to many others.


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