Master Cleanse Diet Tips

The Master Cleanse program for dieting is gradually becoming immensely popular. This popularity is set to even grow further as more people begin to realize its effectiveness when it comes to weight loss, and most importantly, detoxification. However, getting through the diet program is not actually a cake walk. The program requires you to refrain from eating solid food for ten consecutive days, and live only on a special lemon potion.

To help people sail through the recommended period of 10 days (or even longer if you wish) to see the optimum results, mentioned below are some tips.

The lemonade potion mentioned above is a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper. Plainly, there is no source of fiber. To overcome this, make sure you have an intake of laxative tea or at least some saltwater laxative everyday.

Do not compromise on your daily intake of water. Water forms an essential part of the diet, so ensure that you drink lots of it everyday. Loss of water from the body during this time could lead to a number of discomforts like nausea, body pains, fatigue and headaches. A good way to avoid these is to drink 2 glasses of water after every glass of lemonade juice. This will minimize the effect of the juice.

Being motivated and focuses is the key to success. Keep a diary to document your everyday progress. This can be very inspiring.

Another good idea to keep you motivated is to find a partner who is also willing to go through this Master Cleanse program at the very same time as you are. This way, you and your partner can share your thoughts and experiences throughout the program, thus significantly increasing the chances of success.

A very important step is to totally clean out your cupboard and refrigerator. Now, this should be done before you even start on the diet program. Ensure that you have removed all tempting signs from your refrigerator that could lead you to discontinue the diet. Once the ten day diet period is over, stock up your cupboard and refrigerator with healthy food. Also, promise yourself that you will never ever go back to eating junk food again.

Make a schedule to follow while you are on diet, and do it wisely. The schedule should be planned in such a way that you can strictly stick to it for the next 10 days. Stuff it with activities that you enjoy, so that you are kept busy and distracted. Always remember that "just one bite" does not work in case of Master Cleanse diet. Even if you do it, you'll only be cheating yourself.

The beginning and the end of the diet should be well planned. Since your body is accustomed to solid food and you will have to deprive it of the same for the next 10 days, you will need to let your body adjust to the diet. For this, start eating soft foods and drinking fruit juices 2 days before you begin to diet. Similarly, after the ten day period, begin with hot juices before you finally start on solid food again.


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