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If the users think that the variety of colon and kidney cleansing diet have expired, think again, because a new type of cleansing diet practice referred to as the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet is here to stay. Although not a new presentation as the Master Cleanse has been introduced some 50 years back but it gained popularity in the 90's. However, the plus and minus have been regularly counted, on the basis of which it is decided whether to try the diet or not. There are many reviews given equally by those who regard the diet as beneficiary and also those who advice to shun the diet. By reading these reviews you are bound to get more confused. So to make matters easier here is an account of the good and bad of the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet.

To properly understand the pros and cons of the diet we, firstly need to know what exactly it is. The Lemon Cleanse Diet is a weight reducing formula which gained much popularity in the 1990's when some known celebrities admitted its use and the results became obvious. Its ingredients include fresh lemon juice about 2 tablespoons, 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons organic syrup and about 14 ounces of purified water. The use of water and fresh lemon juice is claimed to lose weight through the process of colon cleansing. This mixture is to be used in proportions during the day without actually using any solid food.

There are many reviews given on the Master Cleanse Diet some say that it is the path to self destruction, others are of the opinion that it is the best thing that ever happened to you, yet there is another class that debates on the thought that it is beneficial if practiced properly and up to an extent. So to discuss the reasons as to why different people hold different views let us shed light on the favorable and unfavorable aspects of the diet.

Favorable Reviews
There are many people who agree to the benefits of this detox diet. According to them this diet helps in washing out all the harmful bacteria and toxins out of the colon which when accumulated for a long time can result in serious health issues. Basically this diet's main aim is to cleanse you from inside and weight loss comes as a result of cleansing, but this diet has mainly been endorsed as a weight loss program by many famous names.

It is also claimed that this diet enhances your metabolism, and boosts your energy levels; in fact this diet helps you improve your physical outlook as well as your inner health.

Unfavorable Reviews
Many people disagree to the fact that this is a healthy approach towards one's own self as taking no solids for the entire diet period can result in lack of essential nutrition and there is always a chance that the lost pounds will be regained once the diet is over and the former eating habits are resumed. Another reason to worry is that during the cleansing process it's not just the harmful substance that is discharged but also the useful bacteria is washed of the urinary tract.

All in all this diet presents its various offering to you which may seem appealing to those who shy away from exercises and still want to lose weight. However it is highly advised to consult a doctor before actually practicing the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet.


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Master Cleanse Ingredients
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Master Cleanse Dangers
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Master Cleanse Review
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