Master Cleanse Instructions

It was the year 1941 when the Master cleanse diet was introduced and since then people are aware about it. The main objective of the inventor Stanley Burroughs is that people can maintain their health generally with the help of cleansing the unwanted substances from the body. This diet is not only getting popular for cleaning the body but also for losing weight. This lemonade diet became popular when Beyonce Knowles shared her view on the Oprah Winfrey's show that she lost almost 20 lbs within 2 weeks after following the master cleanse diet.

What is the Master Cleanse Detox Diet
The duration of this diet plan is 10 to 14 days. During this diet plan a person need to avoid solid food until the diet is not completed. If an individual wants to start this diet in that case they have to start the diet with salt water flush or laxative tea. It is important for the person to discharge the solid waste even if they haven't consumed any solid food. It is also advised that the person should drink 6 to 9 glasses of lemonade regularly. One must take herbal laxative tea before going to bed. Master cleanse diet can be more effective if exercise is included with it.

Recipe for Master Cleanse Diet
Ingredients required for preparing lemonade:
- 1/10 tbsp Cayenne pepper
- 2 tbsp of Grade B maple syrup
- 8 oz of water (purified)
- 2 tbsp of lemon (freshly squeezed)

Some More Ingredients
- Herbal tea
- Sea salt
- Laxative tea

Follow the instructions carefully for preparing the lemonade
Take a 10 oz glass and put 4 oz pure water in it. Put fresh lemon juice in a glass but it should be strained out properly so that it is without seeds and pulps. When it is filtered out properly then put maple syrup and cayenne pepper. After all these steps put 4 oz water in it and mix it properly. This is how lemonade is prepared.

The ingredients
Filter water is one of the main ingredients but most people ignore it. Make sure that you are using filter water not bottled water or treated water that has chemicals.

Lemon juice should not be used that is bottled concentrated lemon juice or processed. All these include preservatives and contain sugar which makes the lemonade cleansing feature ineffective.

Cayenne pepper is another important ingredient which is used to give taste to the concoction. Cayenne pepper contains vitamin B and C. It basically decays the toxic mucous and improves the blood circulation of the whole body.

The Grade B Maple Syrup should be used in the preparation of solution and not the common one that is used for breakfast. Sea salt should be used that is non-iodized or unrefined.

Importance of diet
Junk or unhealthy food is one of the reasons for piling up of unwanted substances in the body. Number of unwanted substances pile up due to our regular food. Slowly, it can become reason of different diseases such as different digestive problems, acne, anxiety and fatigue. Try to follow the health diet plan strictly because it is important for good health and it also helps in expanding mind. One must consult the doctor before starting any diet plan.


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