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The Master Cleanse diet program, also popularly known as the maple syrup or lemon cleanse diet, is actually a liquid diet that was originally conceived in the year 1941 by Stanley Borroughs. The diet was mainly used to help in weight reduction and also played an important role in the removal of harmful toxins and chemicals from the human body. Additional benefits of this diet included its aid in curing general panacea and ulcers. However, the fact that this diet does actually help in the removal of toxins is not scientifically supported. Though the diet does not cause any adverse effect if consumed for a short span of time, it is said to be harmful if taken for prolonged periods. The ingredients used in this Master Cleanse diet include cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon and laxative tea. Let us now see briefly what part each ingredient plays in the diet.

Lemon Juice: A very important fact here is that the lemon juice to be used in the diet should necessarily be freshly squeezed. Since lemon acts as a cleansing agent, it cleanses the system naturally, making it one of the most essential ingredients of the diet. Furthermore, lemon also helps in the decomposition of mucus, excess waste and fat that may have accumulated in the body, thus detoxifying the body. These wastes can be eliminated from the body after they have been broken down.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper serves two very important functions when included in the lemonade juice. Primarily, it dilates the blood vessels, helping in the overall metabolism process in the body, which further helps in faster burning of the surplus fat stored in the body. Secondly, cayenne pepper breaks and dissolves the toxins as well as the mucus in the body. Additionally, cayenne pepper acts as an important source of vitamins, such as B and C, and also enhances the taste of the juice.

Maple Syrup: This, too, is an important component of the diet, and thus completes its total effect. Since maple syrup is ideally an unprocessed form of sugar, it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Also, maple syrup acts as a rich source of manganese. Manganese, as is known, is very important for enzymes because it processes antioxidants and also facilitates the production of energy. In addition to all these, maple also acts as an extremely rich source of zinc. Now, zinc is essential for the body since it keeps the immune system healthy and also supports the proper working of the human reproductive system. Some other important contents of maple include iron, calcium, riboflavin and thiamin.

A Master Cleanse diet has innumerable benefits. The main ones include rise in energy levels, improvement of skin, reduction of skin ailments and feeling of fatigue, etc. To get the most out of the diet program, it is very important that you choose to have excellent quality ingredients. Refrain from using any poor quality products. Also, each of the ingredient forms an essential part of the diet, therefore, do not skip any of them.


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