Master Cleanse Dangers

It was in 1941 that Stanley Burroughs introduced the idea of a diet plan famously known as Master Cleanse Diet. But like all diet plans, it gained popularity when a famous singer cum actress Beyonce Knowles acknowledged publicly that the use of the Master cleanse diet helped her lose instant weight for an upcoming movie. Although she discouraged the viewers to follow it because of its dangers but the news of losing weight instantly and effectively spread like fire in a jungle and no one was ready to consider the pros and cons of the Master Cleanse Diet.

The basic purpose of this diet initially was to wash off the toxins and unnecessary chemicals from the digestive system. The procedure includes a fast for a period of two weeks, during which the person consumes only the mixture of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The use of laxative tea is also permitted. A sea salt mixture is also used for cleansing purposes. The use of these liquids help the body in getting rid of the excessively accumulated toxins that enter our body through our diet and environment but the diet does not entirely provide the vitamins and minerals that are required for the daily needs of a body.

Master Cleanse besides being effective has its side effects which may prove fatal. Some of these dangers are:

Lack of nutrition
Our body needs essential nutrients in form of vitamins and minerals which we obtain from the food we consume. The ingredients of the diet do not provide the optimum level of nutrients required by us daily.

Changed Metabolism rate
Due to lack of nutrition the intake of calories decreases and as a result the muscles are converted towards providing necessary energy for the daily functioning of the body which disrupts the metabolism rate, decreasing it as a result.

Looseness of Bowels
There is always a possibility of suffering from Diarrhea when you take up the Master Cleanse Diet due to lack of food consumption.

Quick regain of weight
After the diet is completed and the person returns to daily routine they usually over eat. They will instantly try to consume all they have missed which results in gaining far more weight than before and thus ruining the diet plan. Also losing and gaining weight in such a short span of time can impose serious threats to your health, so consulting a diet expert should be considered mandatory.

Other health calamities
Some major health issues have been reported as a result of undergoing the Master Cleanse Program. As this plan concentrates on the digestive system, particularly the digestive system, some helpful bacteria are also washed off in the procedure. Heart and kidney may also suffer from this detox diet plan. Dehydration, lack of sleep, nausea and depression are some of the risks involved.

Keeping aside all the negativities that the Master Cleanse Diet possess, people still like to look at the brighter side of the picture. The offerings of the diet are tempting and easily attracts but besides cleansing, losing weight and preventing any type of addiction such as alcohol and tobacco, the price to pay may be much larger than the benefits achieved.


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Master Cleanse Dangers
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