Master Cleanse Diet Helped Beyonce Lose 20 Lbs

The Master Cleanse program, which consists of a diet made up of maple syrup and lemon cleanse, was originally formulated by Stanley Burroughs. After the successful results accomplished by many who tried it, this weight loss recipe was also included in the book ‘Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days', written by Peter Glickman. This being said, it also becomes very important to mention that this lemon cleanse diet should not be treated as some ordinary diet plan. In fact, it is a comprehensive detoxification diet that effectively flushes out the superfluous toxins from the human body.

The detox diet itself consists of lemons, organic maple syrup and some cayenne pepper. To start, make a mixture of these ingredients in 8oz of water. Use freshly squeezed juice from half a lemon, mix 2 tablespoons of a grade B maple syrup, and to it add a little cayenne pepper. The optimum intake of this concoction should be 6-12 glasses each day, for a minimum period of 10 days. This, however, comes with a limitation. Do not take any solid food during this period. Furthermore, the intake of herbal laxative tea is recommended before bedtime. Saline water flush should also be used every day in the morning.

To complete this lemon cleanse diet, there are some protocols that need to be followed strictly. Contrary to the common belief, this diet is not some starvation diet or any sort of fast. Besides its effectiveness to reduce fat, it also serves a number of health benefits. Some of these include elimination of unnecessary chemicals and parasites from the human body. The other advantages include helping you to cope up with your addictions and cravings. Cleansing becomes all the more important because with the passage of time, undesirable substances start accumulating inside the body. This could lead to several disorders such as fatigue, headaches, reduced immunity, allergies and also some other diseases. The Master Cleanse program is a gentle yet very effective answer to weight loss as well as to all these ailments, thus improving the overall health.

When using lemons, it is recommended that you always prefer fresh and organic ones. Lemons are considered to be among the best edible items known to man, and contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. Since maple syrup is among one of the very few forms of edible unprocessed sugar, besides containing micronutrients and vital minerals for the body, it is best for the overall health. Thus the potion made up of maple syrup, cayenne and lemons actually helps in restoring the alkaline level in the body.

The Master Cleanse program for weight loss has been successfully tried by many. Among the significant names, Beyonce Knowles name is worth mentioning. The diva is reportedly said to have lost 15-20 lbs in a short period of time. Thus, this Master Cleanse program is not just any weight loss detox diet program, but is actually a very healthy and effective method to shed weight without any side-effects. One important thing to remember here is that even when you have stopped being on this diet, do not ever compromise on healthy eating and regular exercise.


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Master Cleanse
Master Cleanse body detox diet guide

Master Cleanse Detox Diet Benefits
The many benefits of Master Cleanse diet

Weight Loss Through Master Cleanse
The Master Cleanse detox diet and how it helps you lose weight

Preparing for Master Cleanse
How to prepare for the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Instructions
Instructions and guide on how to detox with Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse Diet Tips
Tips to help you complete the Master Cleanse diet successfully

Master Cleanse Ingredients
Ingredients that make the Master cleanse detox diet so effective

Master Cleanse Side Effects
Side effects of the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Dangers
The dangers of the Master Cleanse detox diet

Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush
Guide to the Salt Water Flush diet

Master Cleanse Common Mistakes
Mistakes that dieters do that prevent them from completing the Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Diet Helped Beyonce Lose Weight
Find out how Beyonce lost 20lbs through Master Cleanse diet

Master Cleanse Review
Is the Master Cleanse diet right for you?

Master Cleanse Secrets
A review of the Master Cleanse Secrets ebook



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