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Depression and obesity go hand in hand. The one is usually the result of the other, whether you're eating because you are depressed, or depressed because you are overweight. Whatever the reason, it is truly not a state of mind or weight you are happy to be in. People who are depressed tend to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates because it gives them the feeling of fullness and wellbeing. But that ultimately leads to weight gain and the depression continues. It is a vicious cycle to be stuck in. Breaking that cycle is not always easy, but there is something you can do to help yourself and regain your strength and ideal weight.

Detoxification has become a household name in almost every country and with good reason. If you can somehow maximize the amount of toxins your body can handle and remove from you system, you can slowly but surely get a grip on your health and your weight.

When your body is in a state of toxic overload and your liver and assisting organs cannot process all the toxins, the toxins get wrapped up in your fat cells and stored until your body can process and remove it. When you start to lose weight, those toxins are reintroduced into your bloodstream and you could start feeling sick. Most overweight people have a problem with their gallbladder and complications with your gallbladder should be avoided or treated. Multivitamins and minerals can keep your gallbladder healthy and working optimally.

When we eat the wrong foods, harmful and toxic elements enter our bodies and the overload of toxins causes our livers and metabolism to slow down, leaving your feeling drained and tired. A slow metabolism causes faster weight gain so it would make sense to detox your body, rid it of all the harmful toxins and not only speed up your metabolism, but make the absorption of vitamins and minerals so much more effective. This will start a healthy cycle as your body is able to absorb more nutrients and your urge to constantly eat, will become less.

At this stage, your energy levels will increase and you'll be feeling up to some exercise. Start by taking a nice long walk every day until you feel up to something more strenuous like jogging or cycling. Do not fall back into the trap of eating the way you did before. It is very important to make a couple of lifestyle changes if you want to continue healthy weight loss and keep the levels of toxins in your body as low as possible. Avoid carbohydrates and rather increase your intake of fibre, raw fruit and vegetables, fresh water and herbal teas. By keeping your toxin levels low and your metabolism fast, you will continue to loose weight slowly but surely. As you loose weight, your organs will start to work better as more and more toxins are released from your fat cells and removed from your body. The more fat you burn, the lesser the toxins that are released into your bloodstream and the healthier you'll start to feel.

Try keeping your body in balance and maintaining your weight by sticking to a healthier, toxin free lifestyle. Drink plenty of water to help wash away toxins and natural foodstuffs to assist your body in this process.


Table Of Contents

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