Liver Detox With Kombucha Tea

For thousands of years, the Chinese culture has used Kombucha tea as a digestion aid and to cleanse the liver. This tea is a mixture of fungal yeast and bacteria that has only recently become known in the West. It happens to be an excellent liver detox product.

It works by adding more glucuronic acid to the system and this allows the liver to process more waste, more efficiently. As a side benefit it will rev up the body's circulation which will help the flushing of toxins as well.

This detox tea provides amino acids, organic acids, antioxidants, enzymes and bacterial cultures. It is grown in a colony and gets its unique smell and flavor from acetic acid. It also contains seven more mild acid substances and is chock full of vitamin B.

Check to be sure the tea you are using is light in color and has a smooth texture to it. Don't use the tea if you see a dark color or rough texture as it could be unhealthy for you. Often the tea is grown in a glass jar and layers continue to form over the top of the first culture in the jar.

Look for mold as well. The plant must grow for about a week or two, in order to be ready to use. Combine it with black tea or green tea and sugar. Allow the mixture to ferment.

You will find many sources for the tea because of its popularity. Make sure to research the company selling the tea that you purchase. An organic version of the tea will serve you best. Please make sure you follow instructions carefully if you are doing a home-made mixture on your own.

If you do not follow the directions and complete the fermentation correctly, you can experience an allergic reaction or worse. Jaundice has been reported in some cases. Be careful when using ceramic dishware to make up your tea mixture, since any lead in the dishes can leach into the tea. Read the info on the bottom of your dishware to make sure it is glazed and lead-free.

Kombucha tea will also make you relax a bit, besides cleaning out your liver. It is a great organic alternative to stimulant-based ‘relaxing' aids. Check out kombucha tea for your liver detox!


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