Liver Detox Herbs

The liver has major involvement in detoxifying the body and without it you could not live. Poisons that enter our body through food and drink or the environment’s pollution are flushed from the body by the action of the liver. The liver works with other organs to keep your body free of toxins. The circulatory and endocrine systems, along with the immune, nervous and digestive systems and of course the liver all work together.

People with liver ailments will suffer exhaustion, even when they get plenty of sleep. The accumulated poisons in the body are often the cause of this. Liver detox is a popular way to feel better and return to good health if you have this problem. Make sure to see a doctor to be certain your symptoms are liver-related. Ask his or her advice about any detox plan before trying it.

If you feel stress, nervousness, anger, overtired, depressive episodes, tummy bulge, bad breath, bowel movement issues, aches, pains and/ or skin break-outs, you may have liver problems at the root of all this.

One excellent way to detox the liver is via an herbal liver detox plan. There are many herbs that can work alone or in various groupings to help you rid you liver of toxins.

Here are some examples:
* Avena sativa - This is commonly known as oats. You will feel calmer and more relaxed as well as more energized when eating oats as part of your diet.

* Calendula - (Or Mexican marigold) this herb works to flush poisons form the liver.

* Echinacea - Also called purple cornflower, this herb is good to regulate the immune system so that it works optimally.

* Eleutherococcus - Siberian ginseng is another name for this herb that helps regulate the metabolism.

* Helianthus - Jerusalem artichoke regulates the sugar level in the body. The herb will cause the body to break down the sugar more slowly. Keeping the sugar in the body longer keeps your energy level up.

* Kelp - also known as macrocystic pyrifera, kelp will speed up the metabolism and detox the liver too.

* Milk thistle - Its other name is silybum marianum and no matter what you call it, it will speed up the fat burning within the body and detox the liver.

The active ingredient in milk thistle in silymarin, which protects the liver and causes it to renew its cells. It will return the liver to optimal function by detoxifying it.

Discuss any type of detox plan with your physician before you begin. His expert advice will tell you how to proceed safely. Your doctor or nutritionist can help you find the combination of herbs that will work best for you.


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