Detox Diet To Cleanse Liver

When many people think of the word detox, they immediately think of alcohol or drugs. Detox in this case means a plan to flush accumulated poisons from your system and improve your general health.

Your system has its own way of cleaning itself to stay functional. But the toxins in the environment and also in some things you eat can cause the liver to weaken and slow down, as it becomes overwhelmed. You can check online for surveys and question-and-answer pages that will give you some idea whether you need a detox or cleansing diet plan. Make sure the website you are looking at is a well-known one in the health field. Next you should speak with your physician and perhaps a nutritionist to be certain you aren't suffering from adrenal fatigue or any other health issue that would preclude a cleanse. If all is well, you should consider a detox diet to shore up your liver and help it do its job. The cleanse will allow your liver to work optimally and absorb all the nutrition needed for a healthy body.

All good detox diets should have the same basic goals, so no matter which you choose in the end, be sure it states the intention to:

- provide a diet plan with cleansing herbs, nutritional basics and foods rich in free-radical fighters
- list for you meals that will keep your digestive tract moving and speed the flushing of poisons from your body
- steer you toward natural eating habits with fresh food that is not filled with preservatives and chemicals

Your new eating plan will contain lots of veggies and fruits, which should be organic and unprocessed. You will be eating brown rice, grains nuts and seeds (unsalted ones like flaxseed, sunflower seeds, walnuts, cashews, and almonds). You will also include beans of all types like green peas, yellow beans and lentils, green and red vegetables, onions, artichokes, broccoli, garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. You can purchase these wonderful cleansing foods at the grocery and other healthy food sources.

The cleansing meal plan should also include extra flavorings and accents for your food like herbs, spices and sea salt. You must drink lots of H20 plus fruit and vegetable juice as well as decaf herbal and green tea.

You must not eat any gluten-filled grains, coffee or tea with caffeine, preservative-laden or fatty food, artificial sweetener or refined sugar. You must also eliminate alcohol or chocolate.


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