The Importance Of Organic Food

The news all around us convince provides proof that the food we are consuming mostly contains harmful chemicals. The growing and unchecked uses of chemicals in food items are causing a lot of health problems. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are being used in farming may help increase productivity but these farm foods that end up in our groceries hardly makes for a healthy food.

From childhood we have been taught to wash our food properly before cooking or eating. But washing is not enough today and some will advise to consume organic foods. Even the books on detoxification states, that organic diet can be picked up any time. Experts have verified that organic food has far more usable nutritional value than the foods that are adulterated or are being produced by use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Organic-let's understand the term:
Foods which are grown without making use of harmful chemical fertilisers, pesticides, human waste, sewerage sludge or other genetically or artificially produced substances. But organic food in order to be certified as organic has to go through a process where the organic food farmer has to go through some certification processes. The specialty of organic produce is that farmers do not use or reduce the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers or even pesticides or any other form of pharmaceuticals for that matter.

In order to pass the certification the organic food should only include organic contents or at least some percentage of the ingredients should be organic. If the items are produced in a non organic environment then also they should meet the criteria. All in all, food should be free of any artificial additives and processing should have minimum number of artificial techniques before it ends up in our groceries.

There have been occurrences where the food is being labeled to be as Naturally Grown but hardly does compare against food grown organically. Before buying food items, be sure to read the fine print because there has been cases where food are being tagged as "Made with organic Ingredients" but are quiet far from it. In order not to be misguided in the US the eUSDA organic symbol helps to identify foods grown organically.

Now since there is lot more effort that goes into growing foods organically, organic foods are costly and can hike up the family budget. The prices are reduced recently to encourage more consumers to buy organic food. But one should consider the reduction in health hazards too and thereby reduction in hospital visits and the costs include with it.

The places where organic foods are found:
The general stream is becoming more enthusiastic in buying organic food these days because of it health benefits. Most of the groceries have now included the special organic food section. Larger super markets like Wal-Mart and others are enthusiastic about the organic food section in their department stores and the local farmer's market will allow best prices on organic food too. If buying organic food is not healthy to your budget then you can just follow simple rules before consuming food that will keep you healthy. Simple things such as washing the food items thoroughly, scrubbing the skin and getting rid of the germs, bacteria or the dirt can ensure health. The same also applies to the organic food; one should also clean them before consuming too. Foods like melon or bananas should be washed too even though the skin is not consumed but as the germs or dirt can transfer through touch so as a precaution it should be washed too. Another option to lead a healthy lifestyle is go for detoxification time to time, it removes the toxins that have accumulated in the body and leaving the body feeling rejuvenated.


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