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The most efficient way of clearing your body from harmful substances called toxins, would be a way to detoxify it and clear you system of alien bodies consumed and inhaled every day. This will streamline your bodyís functions and optimize the use of energy, helping you feel stronger and healthier. A detox is not a tablet you take. It is a programme you can follow for a couple of days or a lifestyle that you embrace depending on your needs and circumstances.

Herbs have been given to us by our Great Healer and Creator to help us heal ourselves naturally and affectively. Combining herbs with your normal detox will enhance your bodyís ability to heal itself fast and efficiently. With a normal easy detox you can start by avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, refined foods, tobacco and processed food. Organic food is also a much healthier and more natural way to start making subtle changes. Make sure you get some form of exercise and drink plenty of water to aid your body in its detoxifying process. Adding herbs to you diet will speed up the process and protect your organs against cancer and other illnesses.

Everyone knows about the benefits of the most common herbs and that they donít just make our food taste great, but that they also help to cure many ailments. Here are a few you could use as a home remedy with your detoxification process.

- Psyllium seeds and husks, commonly found in India is a good source of dietary fibre making this herb ideal to treat constipation and diarrhoea. In resent research psyllium has proven to also lower cholesterol and regulate diabetes. Take with adequate amounts of water.

- Carnosic acid found in Rosemary is suggested to protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases and strokes.

- Cascara Sagrada is one of natures most used natural laxatives. It promotes healthy peristalsis in the colon. Use only in its dried form as the fresh plant can be slightly toxic.

- The bark of Alder buckthorn also acts as a laxative but is much gentler on the body.

- Juniper berries when, used unripe and green, will support healthy urinary tract functions and keep your kidneys healthy. It protects and treats infections in these organs and can cure yeast infection and stomach cramps.

- Stinging nettles will act as a diuretic and prevent kidney stones from forming. It washes away bacteria and toxins and also known to relieve the pain of arthritis.

- Burdock has been known to remedy viruses like colds and flu, throat pains and tonsillitis. It also aids in removing heavy metals from the body

- From the more well-known herbs such as Basil, cypress, celery, lavender, lemon, fennel, thyme, and patchouli, essential oils are extracted and used to massage the skin. This would improve circulation and remove toxins from under the skin resulting in a healthy natural glow.

- Dandelion is high in vitamins A and C, contains beta carotene and is high in iron. It increases urine production and thereby regulates the salt in your body. Milk thistle has been used as an antidote to poisoning in emergencies and protects the liver by cell regeneration.

- Rooibos leaves have been proven to prevent cancer and works wonders in alleviating allergies. It prevents heart disease and protects the body against viruses.

Home remedies using herbs to aid in your detox can be very effective and inexpensive. Many of us have these herbs growing in our gardens and it is extremely easy to grow your own little herb garden. Use these every day plants in you home and start enjoying the benefits of herbs.


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