Herbs That Promote Natural Detoxification

Mostly everything we consume today, contain some kind of toxin. Whether it's in the food we eat or the soda we drink, preservative are present to prolong a product's shelf life or to enhance the flavor. Even the fresh vegetables we eat can often contain chemicals from the pesticides that were used to treat and protect it against disease. When our bodies get overloaded with toxins, our own detox system stops working optimally and become sluggish. This toxin built up causes us to feel tired, we become susceptible to diseases and we age much quicker than we should.

During the process of detoxification, your body neutralizes harmful bacteria and elements and removes it from your body. This is mostly done by your liver with the help of your lymphatic system, lungs and kidneys. But no matter how hard they work, what you put into your body during every day life is much more than what your system can handle. When this happens, your immune system also suffers and cannot defend your body against the ambush of bacteria and viruses. This is when you need to consider a detox that will cleanse your liver and turn your body back into the healthy fat burning machine it was meant to be.

Besides eating correctly and consuming plenty of fresh organic, nutrient rich vegetables and fruit juice, you can also strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body with plants from nature's pharmacy called herbs. Most herbs are believed to have some or other healing properties and have been used in the homes of many people for thousands of generations to relieve pain, cure a cold or detoxify the body.

- Elderflower is great to decongest mucus membranes and clear a blocked chest. A great herb for smokers to eliminate toxins from the lungs.
- Sarsaparilla root breaks up gas, increases the flow of urine to purify your blood and can help in many skin irritations.
- Take a bath in grated ginger or a teaspoon of ginger powder to sweat out the toxins in your body. Make a tea from ginger and drink hot to relieve aches and pains, lowers cholesterol and prevent cancer.
- Cayenne pepper calms headaches, speeds up your metabolism and assists in weight loss. Cayenne pepper aids digestion, thins your blood and can relief pain anywhere in your body. A miracle herb.
- Burdock roots are commonly used in most detox recipes and assist the body in its cleansing process. It eliminates toxin built up and removes heavy metals from your system.
- Green tea has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and today it is still an amazing herb. Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants which help to eliminate the free radicals in our bodies, cleansing it from toxins and reducing your risk of cancer. It also reduces cholesterol and increases your metabolism.
- Peppermint is used to treat bowl syndrome and assists your digestive system. It can relieve gastritis, nausea and motion sickness.

The use of herbs to heal and cleanse have been around a long time. The reason being that it really works. By using these wonderful herbs during your detox, you can cleanse your body from toxins and chemicals. Herbs are an all natural way to regain your youthfulness and re-energize and revitalize your life.


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