Herbal Body Detox

Detoxing the body with natural herbs is an excellent way to improve your energy level. In order to get the most benefit from your detox, you must follow good eating habits once the cleanse is over. The herbal cleanse will remove accumulated poisons from your body, but you need to refrain from overloading your system once again with toxins by going back to the old eating patterns.

You must do your best to keep the toxins from getting back into your body and building up yet again. This will create a vicious circle that is bad for your health. Foods to avoid are coffee, tea, sugar, alcoholic beverages. You should not smoke or use caustic household cleaners around the house. You should also limit the use of body lotions or shampoos that contain unknown chemicals.

A good way to begin is by working out regularly and making sure to get plenty of water, along with a diet of natural organic meals. Just take each change to your diet and exercise step by step and you will get there.

Take a look at this handy list of herbs that will detox the body:

- Including lots of fiber in a detox is very important and psyllium seeds and husks are widely used for this purpose. They will work as a laxative and can be used by letting them sit in a bowl of water until softened. The psyllium will help your colon and digestive system function better and prevent diarrhea and other bowel problems. The psyllium will actually ‘soak up' the toxins from the body like a sponge.

- A safe and gentle herb useful as a laxative is cascara sagrada, which also works to make your colon and digestive muscles stronger.

- Alternatively you can use alder buckthorn bark as another natural laxative. Since it is very strong, it needs to be dried and bottled for an entire year to make it safe to use.

- To cleanse the kidneys and bladder, hydrangea root is a good choice. Gravel roots, also called Joe pye weed will also take care of this. Any kidney stones or bladder urea crystals will be broken down and flushed from the body. The bladder and kidneys are so important is keeping your body free of poisons, you need to make it a priority to help them out, with natural herbal formulations like these.

- Nettle can help detoxify the entire body, but will overstress the kidneys if used too often.

- For gentle diuretic properties, as well as flushing excess heavy metal accumulations in the body, try burdock root. It will act as a gentler form of nettle.

- To cleanse and improve the functioning of your urinary tract, juniper berries are quite useful and safe. Take care not to use them over a long period of time. If you do, the kidneys can become overwhelmed. Use a little juniper berry once in a while and your kidneys and bladder will thank you.

- To flush the liver, kidneys and gallbladder, go with milk thistle and dandelion root. Silymarin is the key active ingredient in milk thistle that enables the cleansing.

Your lymphatic system will benefit from a number of natural detoxing herbs. Try these: rosemary, thyme, fennel, lemon, basil, cypress, celery, grapefruit and patchouli oil. Your skin will look great and the lymph nodes will be free of toxins.

For an excellent home detox experience, you can't go wrong with this list of herbs. Detox the easy and organic way with a variety of natural herbs.


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