Fruit Juice Fasting Detox Diet

One of the leading methods of detoxing the body is the juice fast. The juice fast (whether vegetable or fruit) is a popular way to flush poisonous substances from the body. Most people will also drop extra pounds on a juice fast as a positive side effect.

Why Should I Detox With Juice?

Many people over many years have found the juice fast detox to be an excellent inner body cleanse as well as a weight loss aid. (Although weight loss is not the stated purpose of this fast.) You don't need to follow any particular religion to go on a juice fast, although some religious practices include fasting. A juice fast detox will give you body a well-deserved vacation from digesting preservative-laden foods, red meat or fatty foods.

Going on a juice fast can clean the body from the inside out as well as give you more energy and vigor. It will help to get you off the junk food habit and make your digestive system function at its best. A good source of information about fasting can be found in Detoxification Through Live Juice Fasting by Circle of Life Holistic Programs.

Compared to more drastic measures like a water fast, the juice fast is quite gentle. The juice fast is much easier to fit into your daily life and keeps your nutrition level high. Water fasting can be impossible for those with certain medical conditions.

A juice detox will strengthen the body's immune system and enable it to ward off many health problems. Your system will be flushed out and all the toxins will be gone. Losing extra pounds when on a juice fast may seem to be the biggest and most obvious change you will notice at first. Actually the really important change is the improvement of your overall health that will continue for a long time.

Why Do People Lose Weight?
Veggies and fruits tend to take more of the body's caloric energy to digest than they add to the system. If you burn more than you are taking in, the net result is weight loss. If you keep to a sensible eating plan after completing your detox you will keep the weight off. If you fall off the wagon and go back to bad eating habits, the pounds will return.

When you end your juice fast, you will naturally regain some weight. The fast may have led to a dehydrated state within your system. As your body readjusts itself after the fast, you will regain some of the 'water weight' you lost. Never go on a drastic starvation fast, such as a water fast, to lose weight or for any other reason. Even people in excellent health will find that this has a negative effect on their body.

A long term improvement in your metabolic rate and efficiency will come from your juice detox. This does not give you license to get into bad eating habits or eat too much. That type of behavior will just put you back on the road to accumulating toxins in the body once again. The juice fast can indeed help you lose weight, but poor nutritional habits picked up after the fast will eventually put you back to square one. The juice fast detox will work best if you maintain good eating habits once your fast is over. Don't go back to the junk food!


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