Turmeric Liver Detox

Turmeric liver detox is a method recommended by those who follow Ayurvedic wisdom. The liver must be properly cared for over your lifetime to ensure excellent health. The liver is responsible for making 13,000 chemicals and 2000 enzymatic compounds that your body needs in order to function. To make sure your liver functions optimally and is able to do its essential job in your body, you should cleanse it once a year.

The liver filters poisonous substances from your body and flushes them from the blood. The liver has the capacity to cleanse 2 liters of blood every 60 seconds. The liver contains enzymatic substances that will limit the toxic effects of the noxious polluting chemicals that you have ingested. The molecular structure of the toxins is broken down in the liver and rendered harmless or flushed out of the body.

If your liver is not working to its capacity due to intake of too many poisonous substances and buildup, your body will be less than healthy. If you have bad eating habits, if you are working or living in a polluted environment (and who is not today?) and if you are overtaxing your body to the point of exhaustion, you are on the way to liver impairment. The liver functions as the integral part of the processing of nutrients, fats, proteins, minerals and carbs, as well as hormones and must be kept in fine working order. Remember your health is at stake.

The liver manufactures a substance called bile to flush poisons. Turmeric encourages the production of bile which in turns cleans out the liver and enhances its functioning. The liver is then renewed and can function in its optimal way.

Known as the king of spices, turmeric is a bitter spice that will flush toxins form the liver and blood to enable the digestive tract to function well and keep the bowel movements regular. There have been no reported negative side effects. Tumeric acts as an anti-inflammatory but works without the side effects you might suffer with other anti-inflammatory drugs. Tumeric works also as a preservative and color enhancer in food. In addition it acts as a skin cleanser.

Curcumin is the substance we must thank for making turmeric so wonderful. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant that will fight arthritis, cancer and viral infections. Tumeric will encourage the gall bladder to produce more beneficial bile and kill the free radicals that cause aging and damage to our body's cells. The whole herb is lower in percentage of the curcumin substance and must be mixed with oil.

Curcumin is also used as a treatment for liver cirrhosis, Since it flushes the liver's toxins quickly and effectively. Alcohol is blocked from being changed into liver-damaging substances. Over consumption of iron can be effectively treated with curcumin. Because of its many uses, it is highly recommended by Ayurvedic followers to detoxify the liver.

Tumeric and curcumin should be avoided by anyone with congestive heart failure or disease. No one should use the substances for a long time due to the potential for upset stomach. Don't use turmeric and curcumin if you suffer from jaundice, gallstones and other liver disorders. Remember to consult your doctor before choosing turmeric as a liver detoxification method.


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