Liver Cleanse Through Coffee Enemas

Ever heard of coffee enema? Why is it necessary? How can it detoxify the liver?

Now you might wonder why is it necessary to do such a thing as to drink or rather inject coffee from the rectum instead of dinking the coffee usual way! Well believe it or not coffee enema is one of the effective ways of detoxifying the liver.

A doctor from Germany first came with the idea. He was with the hope it would prove to be an useful method to treat cancer but later Dr.Max Gerson transformed it as a detoxifying treatment for liver and also against fat accumulation. Ever since, coffee enema is used as a treatment for liver detox.

The food that we consume contains certain chemicals. These chemicals are present in beverages, vegetables and even the meat we take. Vegetables are grown by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Even the air around us is polluted and not to mention the toxins that enter our body through the water we drink. Toxins are of no use to the body rather these toxins clog up various vital organs and impair their proper functioning. Although the body has its natural detoxifying methods sometimes over accumulation can result in the malfunctioning of these organs. These are kidneys and liver. When expel the toxins, it flows through the intestines and are passed out as wastes. But the natural way is often times not enough and needs our conscious effort to rid the body of the toxins. Detoxification is an effective process to eliminate the body of poisonous chemicals that accumulate over a period of time in our body.

Now coffee enema is one of such detoxifying process, there is no arguing the fact that the process is bizarre, but the benefits received cannot be denied either. The coffee enema will stimulate the liver to produce more bile and that will in turn get rid of more toxins from the body. The presence of coffee in the anus stimulates the nearby veins and it helps in absorbing the caffeine much effectively than drinking it. There is a special substance in the coffee that is called palmitates which helps in getting rid of the poison and bile mixture from the bile. When the muscles contract due to the presence of coffee, the bile, the toxins and also the coffee are expelled out of the colon.

The process is something that most people will not go to a detoxifying clinic and perform so one can try it at home and save money as well as embarrassment. The process once started might actually start to feel relieving and one may want to repeat it but getting it done from a professional can be costly. Precaution should be taken that the coffee is not too hot but it should be at room temperature or may be moderately warm. If you are trying it for the first time you may try it with cool coffee too instead of warm coffee. Then you are confident you can try with warm coffee.


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