Cleanse Your Body Naturally for Health and Longevity

People often take the safety of our homes or environment for granted, because we get used to it. But itís not as safe as we think.

In ancient times, before pesticides, preservatives, chemical treatments etc, the world was a clean and beautiful place to live. Pollution did not exist and there was nothing dangerous in the food, in the air or the soil where one would plant and harvest. But today you can hardly breathe without inhaling some kind of unhealthy element. Technology has given as much, but has taken away more.

Everybody wants to live a long and happy life and a healthy one with that. People seldom grow as old as they use to and today it is a strange phenomenon when someone reaches the age of a hundred or more.

Our lifestyles today influence our bodies and how it functions. Toxins that enter the body have a major effect on the natural cleansing effect of the bodyís own detoxifying machine Ė the liver. When these toxins donít leave your body, it builds up in our system, slowing down our natural processes and makes us sick. Is it any wonder that your energy resources become depleted and your body is unable to defend you against illness and disease?

So how did you get here and ended up with all those toxins in your body? Letís start with that habitual cup of coffee every 3 hours. Or the cigarettes you smoke with a glass of wine. What about the synthetic hormones fed to cows to produce more milk? The plastic or polystyrene wrappings of your take away or the chemicals in your soda pop. The preservatives in prepared food or the fumes from a vehicleís exhaust. Even the ordinary drug you take for a simple headache contains chemicals that harm your body, not to mention the pesticides sprayed on the fruit and vegetables you eat.

Just for a moment imagine how your body is continuously fighting the harmful chemicals you give it every day. Is it any wonder that you are constantly tired, feel sluggish or get sick often? Everywhere over the world, people are realizing the benefits of eating healthy and cleansing the body and are now turning to natural medicines for rescue.

By following a good detox plan, you can reverse the effects of your unhealthy lifestyle and start cleaning your body naturally. Small changes in your eating habits can have a vast impact on your health.

With so much information available on the internet on detox and living healthy, itís hard to find a detox plan that will really work and suit your lifestyle. Daniel Reid is an expert on the holistic approach of detox and ancient medicine. In his book ďThe Tao of DetoxĒ, he tells you how to purify your body, live longer and healthier and doing it all naturally. This book is a brilliant guide to changing your bad habits and cleaning yourself inside out, giving you zest for life and putting the spring back into your step.

The Tao of Detox is the one book that should be on every shelf in every home. Get it today and start reaping the benefits of a manageable detox plan and lifestyle. Restore your body to its original healthy state and start living the best years of your life! It is never too late to make a change.


Table Of Contents

Detoxify Your Body with Fiber
Find out how fiber can help your body detox naturally

Detox Your Body and Lose Weight
Want To Get Rid Of The Extra Weight? Detox Your Body!

How To Detox Your Kidneys
Learn How To Detox Your Kidneys

Facts about Detox Diets
Facts That You Should Know Before Going On A Detox Diet

Types of Detox Diets
The Different Types Of Detox Diets To Help You Detox Your Body

Detox Diet and Gastrointestinal Tract
The health benefits of detox diet on your gastrointestinal tract

Kidney Cleanse
Kidneys detox explored



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