Balancing Your Body’s PH to Aid Detox

We all want to look and feel our best at all times, but it is difficult to maintain a healthy body and skin when we are constantly tired and without the energy to cook proper food. It seems our lives today are in a cycle where we don’t eat correctly, resulting in a drop in energy levels and when that happens, we have no energy to cook ourselves a healthy meal. So we stop by a fast food outlet and take home a bag of creasy foodstuffs, filled with chemicals and any other toxin imaginable.

Smoking adds so many toxins to your body that it becomes tired, run down and sluggish and while your body cannot eliminate all the toxins fast enough, you are in actual fact helping yourself die a slow death. This is also true of the soda you drink, the amount of alcohol you consume and the shelf-life extending preservatives in the foods we buy.

When we add all these external toxins to our bodies, our own internal cleansing mechanism cannot perform optimally and we get sick from a build up of chemical and toxins.

Our bodies are made up of more than 76% water. If we do not regulate the PH of the fluid in our body, our bodies cannot function optimally. Acidosis is when the fluid in our body becomes toxic due to the air we breathe and the food we eat.

PH means potential hydrogen and determines the alkalinity or acidity of your body. PH measures the hydrogen ions in the body and an imbalance can cause disease, feelings of exhaustion and lead to many other aches and pains. The pH level in your body should never be too acidic. A healthy pH is measured at 6.8 – 7.0. A healthy pH balance helps to neutralize toxins and detoxify your body.

The benefits of raw foods and fruit juices are undeniably vital to the pH balance in your body. Plenty of fresh water every day is also extremely important.

A body with a high alkalinity is much more effective and energetic and is stimulated to repair and heal itself much faster and at cellular level. An alkaline body can absorb plenty of oxygen that helps in killing and removing disease causing bacteria and viruses. Body fluids with a pH of 6 and lower, restricts the absorption of oxygen, leading to exhaustion and disease. At a low alkaline level, the body is not able to heal itself. The higher the alkalinity of the body, the lower the acidity. Acids are toxins and needs to be removed from your body through a proper detox plan and plenty of fresh water.

Foods with a high alkalinity include fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grain. Dried beans and dried figs and apricots are also good alkaline foods. Avoid white rice, lentils, peanuts, orange juice, grapes etc.

Your body needs help to detox itself every day and when fresh raw foods are not always available or in season, products can be found on the market to assist you in keeping your pH above 6.8. Do not wait to get sick first. Remember, viruses and bacteria can not survive in an alkaline environment. So detox your body today and balance your pH.


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