Warm Broccoli Soup

During the winter preparing a warm bowl soup can be really good way to beat the winter blues. Soup keeps the body warm and the nutritious value keep the body energized and helps the immune system. Soups or stews containing meat are great and tasty as well as creamy vegetable soups.

Warm Broccoli soup is one of the favorite among the household. It is very simple to make and if you happen to have a food processor or a blender then it is super fast and easy to enjoy cream of broccoli. The trimmings like the stems are kept frozen; around four cups of the trimmings are needed to make a good meal for two.

It is better to remove the tough skin on the top and then store in the freezer otherwise you can strain it out after the soup is made but why make the process complicated by doing that as it also doesn't add to the flavor so it's better to peel off the skin before freezing.

Now here is a recipe for a vegetable cream and puree soup. If you don't prefer broccoli you can of course choose any vegetable you like. Mostly carrots and cauliflowers are great for this type of soup but you cannot use the trimmings for vegetables.

First of all it is needed to put the vegetable or the trimmings into a heavy pot and then cover the content with chicken stock and then cook till the vegetable is soft. Then turn the vegetable as well as the stock into puree in your processor or blender, you can add more water according to your needs if you think the puree requires more water.

If you want a different flavor then you can sauté a bit of chopped onion, garlic or celery or you can add all then add a bit of butter or add olive oil and after that add the vegetables and the water.

It is not necessary to add chicken stock in the soup at all, instead vegetable broth also goes well, you can just add plain water but one has to admit that the soup doesn't taste tasty enough like it does with chicken stock or vegetable broth. Of course beef stock can be added too, depends upon the preferences and why not experiment with the taste this ways making soup can be fun.

The soup is awesome as it is but if you would care to add cream of about 1/4 cup then it achieves a very smooth and creamy texture.

If guests have popped up then this soup can be a quick fix as it doesn't take much preparation. This makes a very good starting course in the occasion the florets can be saved to keep it for garnishing. You can sprinkle them when you are cooking by the stove, or you can use microwave too. It is essential that the vegetables deep color remains intact as it looks amazing over your grey face.

Another addition can be chewy bread or maybe even garlic bread or may be a warmed baguette which shall be served by fresh butter or may be dipped in olive oil. The soup is absolutely perfect for winter and during the summer take the food in moderate.


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