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Common belief about detoxification is so one sided as people feel it helps to remove toxicity caused due to drugs and alcohol. But fact is somewhat different with so many factors play role behind increasing integrity of toxins in human-body. There may be many techniques for treatment of toxicity in humans but one of the well-known and proven ways to reduce amount of toxins in body is Herbal detox tea.

One can find number of options if market is explored for herbal teas. Amazing thing about herbal tea is that it is not limited as cure for single health issue means it can be used for more severe issues as well. Unlike normal tea, caffeine is absent in herbal tea which makes it even healthier by limiting side effects of caffeine in tea. You might be wondering about taste of herbal tea because most of herbal items taste indelicate but that is not the case in herbal tea and give soothing effect as well.

You have two options as far as a preparation of herbal tea is concern, one is instant which you have to use directly or in powder form which you have to make manually. If you are falling short of your time you can always go for readymade pack. You donít have to compromise on taste because you will surely find one which suits your taste as there are so many branded herbal teas are available in market today.

If anybody has fever or ache in legs and joints then lemon is good ingredients to handle those issues. So one can try lemon and ginger tea to cope with this type of health issue. Not only lemon but ginger particles in this tea will help for better digestion as well. Use lemon and ginger one by one and for better result one can also use lemon zest as well which will give better taste. One can also use dried herb as well.

Some of the folks donít have control on their nerves and emotions and more often than not suffer from trauma attacks. Chamomile tea can surely help one suffering from this problem to calm his nerves. It advantage for better health is not limited to this as this tea is also useful for people suffering from menstrual cramps as well as colds. If you are on detox diet and avoiding the drinks which have caffeine in it then you can surely consider Nettle tea because it is more of a tonic than tea. This is also good options in tea for those who like strong tasted detox tea.

Another herbal tea is Rosehip which have high amount of antioxidants in it. We all know how antioxidants play role in our immunity system. So Rosehip tea can be mighty effective if you have health issues because of lower immunity. It plays role of natural cleanser for our body. Medicines for colds and other related health issues can ruin your detox diet so it is vital to plan something to avoid these issues during detox diet. Rosehip tea can surely help you regarding this because it contains good amount of vitamin C in it.

Different herbal teas offer different characteristics which can be used for different health issues. In case if you have problem of severe headaches, skin diseases like acne, an mucus in lungs then it might be dangerous to go for normal tea which you use in normal conditions. Instead of that you can try Lemon grass tea which has some good medicinal capabilities for such health problems. Problem of joint pain and excessive water in body can be overcome using this analgesic tea.

Too add with tally of herbal tea, lemon balm herb is highly rated herbal tea. It has antibacterial and antiviral capacities. You might not like taste of this tea but you can try this out by adding spoon of honey in it. And it can help to settle high-strung nerves as well.

During detoxification process regular urination is prior necessity which can be achieved by regular and good enough intake of herbal tea. Timely use of these herbal teas are very much necessity as over or under use of this tea might not be that effective. To say the list, it all depends on problems you are facing with your health and requirements to cure those problems.


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