Side Effects of Body Detox

Body detoxification, though undoubtedly an effective method for rejuvenation, has some adverse effects. However, keep in mind that detoxification is not just about negative side effects. It will eventually lead into beneficial effects leading to a healthier, more rejuvenated you.

The degree of side effect can vary according to the kind of detox processed used. Natural methods are still preferred over advanced ones particularly for people who are new to detoxification. This is also to assess the extent of side effects that your body can endure before opting for advanced methods.

Initial Effects

Below are the initial side effects of body detox. These, however, should not scare people who are planning to go through detox processes because experts say that these are normal and are only short term (usually experienced one to two weeks from the beginning of the detox therapy).

*Appetite loss
*Muscle sore
*Urinary frequency increases
*Mood changes

Experts further add that these initial side effects are the body's reaction to the changes that are imposed by the body detox process. As you go through detoxification, your usual way of living is changed, such as your eating habits, exercise schedules, and the like. Since body detox will require you to lessen your food intake or at times avoid you to take certain types of food, your system might react by experiencing dizziness or even diarrhea especially if you have been accustomed to eating a lot.

The Benefits

As the famous saying goes, "No pain, no gain", keep in mind that these negative initial effects give you long term benefits. One important effect of body detox is weight loss. This will be good news to those who are overweight and suffering serious illnesses because of their weight. Weight loss might be a result of fasting or reduced food intake during the body detox. It might also be the effect of the cleansing process as overweight and bloated appearance is often attributed with piled up toxins inside the body.

Another important benefit from body detox processes is increased energy levels. Since your system is clean, freshened up after going through the process, your body in turn functions at its optimum level, making you feel less sleepy, less stressed and haggard and will be able to handle daily duties effortlessly.

Get ready for the side effects before going through the detox process. It will surely be a hard time as you will be deprived of certain types of food. Low energy is expected as you will be taking in less food. It is also advised that you minimize your activities during the treatment. Allow your body to get used to the new lifestyle before going back to your usual routine.

The conditions you may go through during the body detox treatment can be perceived as sickness, but in fact, your body during that time is expelling toxins and is recuperating. A handful of patience is required and you must be emotionally and physically ready for these initial effects. As your body becomes stabilized, you will surely love the effect and will fill more vigor and healthier than ever.

It is a must that one should consult a doctor first before going through detox methods to check if your body is capable of dealing with the initial effects of body detox.


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