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Have you ever thought of trying a body detox?

Your body is actually detoxing all the time. That's because the body is designed to filter out toxins through the liver and kidneys. But the body does not actually flush 100% of the toxins and the small amount that is left over accumulates after a while. This begins to cause problems in the body and make your feel unhealthy. Doing a cleanse or body detox will bring your organs back to their optimal functioning and give your digestive system a nice clean re-start.

Detox often amounts to fasting, which allows some internal organs to rest while the liver is stimulated to flush out all its accumulated poisonous substances. The liver will then get a fresh start after it is completely detoxed. The body will be rid of chemicals from food preservatives, smog and cigarette smoke, and caffeine. All the while, the body detox eating plan will keep your body supplied with nutrition to keep you going.

Detoxes are also available to target one specific organ of the body, for instance the liver, the colon or the kidneys. The colon is cleansed by being flushed with water to rid it of toxic buildup. Liver cleansing involves eating a particular diet which causes the fat accumulated in the liver and gall bladder to be flushed out. The kidneys are cleansed with juices and herbs which also dissolve and flush out any kidney stones.

Whole body cleansing on the other hand involves:

Fasting is one technique to clean out the body. Only juice or water is taken for a few days to allow the body to flush itself out. The fast puts your body on a short vacation from toxic intake.

Parasite flushing is a technique using bitter herbs to get rid of any parasitic organisms in the body. Herbs can be taken as a tincture or in pill / capsule form.

Another method of detox is the contrast shower. This involves, as you might predict, taking a shower alternating hot and cold water. This works by attracting oxygen and disease-fighting cells to the skin and treating and stress or damage. It also revs up the body's circulation. At the same time built up poisons and waste are eliminated from the body.

The body's natural detox process can be spurred along by getting regular workouts, practicing yoga, steaming in the sauna, and going on a raw food diet. Dry skin brushing will slough off dead cells and encourage circulation as part of the detox process as well.

Other Ways to Detox
To assist you in your detox plan, there are products designed just for this purpose. You can get specially formulated detox tea, detox foot patches, vitamin and antioxidant supplements such as CoQ10 and vitamin E, Epsom salts and pre-packaged cleansing supplements with detailed directions. Visit your local health retailer or check online to explore all the choices.

The Pluses and Minuses
When you first start your detox plan you might get a headache and start feeling cranky and weak. You may not be able to sleep well and might have sore muscles.

The upside is that a few days later, after you complete the detox, you will get all your energy back plus more - and sleep better than ever. Your skin will clear up and your outlook on life will be renewed.

You should ideally repeat the detox annually and it safe to do so. However, nursing mothers, pregnant women, kids, cancer sufferers and those with tuberculosis or a degenerative chronic condition must speak with their physician in advance. Consulting with a health expert such as a nutritionist is essential if you have any health concerns.

Find a nutritionist or other qualified advisor before you begin any type of body cleanse or detox plan.

Locating a Health Professional
You can ask a friend or colleague for a referral to a good doctor or health practitioner. You can check the phone book or look for ads in health magazines. Make sure you research the individual before trusting them to advise you about your health. Check out his or her history, education and accreditation. The credentials must be impressive in order for you to be certain you are getting good advice.


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