Raw Food Detox Diet

A detox diet is a diet which helps you in cleaning your system. It flushes out harmful toxins, chemicals, and other unwanted compounds that may have accumulated in your body. Thus, the main aim of a detoxification process is to clean your liver, which is an important internal organ for removing harmful by-products from your system.

The fanatics of this diet believe that though the liver is efficient enough to function properly and remove the harmful toxins on its own, the congestion of toxins in the liver reduce its efficiency. Thus, using detox diet, we clean the liver, and improve the filtration system, which gradually removes toxins from the entire body.

There are many detox diet plans available. While a few are mild and flexible, the others may be more strict and intense. Analyze your capability and discipline, and then choose the one you think will suit you best. But remember for any diet to work well, you need to have proper control over yourselves, and give the program a sincere effort. Among the diet plans that you might wish to try, one is raw food detox diet.

In a raw food detox diet, you need to consume raw, whole and unprocessed food, which are easy on your digestive system. This diet also cleans your liver and decontaminates your body. You can only consume those foods which are not grown artificially, but are naturally grown, and are fresh, germ-free and untreated.

Chinese believe that herbs play a major part in keeping the body healthy. No wonder then, that most of their teas contain some of the finest herbs, which according to them, play an important part in detoxifying the body. The raw food diet also consists of some such detoxifying herbs.

If you believe that the diet is worth a try and are keen on it, then remember some basic guidelines. Since it is a detox diet, where you are trying to remove harmful toxins from your body, do not add extra toxins to your body during the diet duration. In other words, abstain from the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and other such unhealthy things while dieting. Drink plenty of natural fresh juices and pure water instead to aid in the detoxifying process.

Though this diet is named "raw food diet", this doesn’t mean that you can take all things raw, even those that are not to be eaten raw, like poultry, beef and egg. Instead, focus on fresh fruits, vegetables and good quality fish. Since meat is ruled out, maintain your protein levels by a healthy dosage of nuts while dieting.

If you are trying a mild detox diet, you would not face many problems due to the diet. However, a stricter diet may lead to some anguish. You may face dehydration problems, which can be prevented though if you drink plenty of water. And even if you follow the raw food diet plan carefully, you might always suffer from some side effects.

Hence it’d be a better idea to consult the doctor before embarking on the diet and changing your food habits. The first consideration is always your health.


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