Puristat Colon Cleanse by Abbott Industries

In recent days, the need for colon cleansing has started gaining importance. It has been found that food, when not digested in its normal course, gets stuck in the intestinal walls as fecal waste. This, over a period of time turns toxic and starts infecting other body parts and causes a lot of damage and inconveniences. This is the reason for unexplained headaches, body pains, constant fatigue, bloating, weight gain and skin problems. These are just mild symptoms. Sometimes, the effects of an infected colon may lead to more serious problems like appendicitis or even cancer.

These problems can be resolved with an occasional colon cleanse that removes all impurities in the colon by promoting elimination of wastes from the body through excretion. First prescribed by ancient Egyptian physicians, colon cleansing is fast gaining importance as a technique to cure otherwise unexplainable medical problems. When the passage of food through the digestive tract is smooth, it solves a lot of other problems.

Puristat Colon Cleanse offers a cleansing solution that cleanses as well as nourishes. It is a two part formula that effectively rinses off toxins from the body and revitalizes the digestive system. It is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from severe symptoms of a bad colon. This product is very strong and claims to cure people of a highly toxic colon in just three weeks. Cleansing is not a simple process and involves making allowances for a lot of changes in the body. Puristat offers a pre cleansing formula enriched with vitamins, minerals and folic acid to nourish the body and keep it ready to deal with the cleansing process.

There are three types of cleansing programs according to the body type of users. People with normal bowel movement can opt for mild seven day cleansing, while people with slight constipation can take the 14 days routine. Thereís a 21 day program for people with severe constipation. Puristat also offers a restorer tablet to bring the body back to normal after cleansing. People whoíve used this product have said they were satisfied with the effect; they felt more energetic and in good physical shape on using the Puristat cleanse. There are 23 wholesome herbal ingredients in Puristat to ease digestion and excretion; the restorer tablet has soothing ingredients that helps the body overcome the discomfort it has to undergo during cleansing.

Though the Puristat program seems a great solution to people suffering and have serious health problems because of a bad colon, it does have its disadvantages. Itís a little complicated with lots of tablets and capsules, each to be taken at a particular time; it can be exasperating to people who donít have time to sort through everything. The second concern is the cost. This cleansing program is very expensive when compared to other similar cleanser. Thirdly, the Puristat Colon Cleanse formulae has a few ingredients that shouldnít be taken for more than seven days at a stretch. Itís advisable to consult your doctor before you give this product a try.


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