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Orovo Detox is muti-vitamin health supplement produced by the very same company that gave the world the famous Orovo pills. Orovo combined ten super foods around the world together to make the multi vitamin supplement. It's referred to some as "Super Supplement". The ingredients are so chosen that they help in losing weight, make your mind feel refreshed, your skin feel young again and dieting becomes easier. The supplement contains ingredients like DMAE, green tea and alpha-lipoic acid; these are very good anti oxidants.

The ten super foods that have been used to make Orovo are:
1. Acai
2. Cayenne pepper
3. Buckwheat
4. Barley
5. Alfalfa sprouts
6. Lactobacillus acidophilus
7. Flaxseed
8. Soybean
9. Wheat grass
10. Garlic

The new Orovo Detox is much more superior as compared to the original Orovo as it has all the ingredients of the original Orovo plus an additional 31 natural detoxifying agents. It helps to detoxify, assists in losing weight and of course staying healthy. The users of the Orovo Detox have confirmed the effects too. They say that their skin feels young, has cured acne and helped in losing weight. Many have experienced that while taking the supplements they have shed toxic substance of about ten pounds. The supplements also have anti aging components such as Idebenone.

It's also a fact that being over weight leave you with less energy throughout the day partly because of the large amount of energy used to carry the weight around but also because of the energy used by your body's natural detoxification system just to get rid of the toxic build up. By helping the body to get rid of the toxins, you will benefit by having more energy for your everyday activities.

The thirty one additional detoxifiers in Orovo Detox are:
1. Uva Ursi
2. Buchu leaves
3. Alpha lipoic acid
4. Dandelion
5. Couch grass
6. Apple cider vinegar
8. B6
9. Aloe Vera
10. Grape seed
11. Juniper berries
12. Lemon
13. Licorice root
14. Grapefruit seed
15. Idebenone
16. Ginger
17. Magnesium stearate
18. Green Tea
19. Mangosteen
20. Milk thistle
21. Noni fruit
22. Papaya fruit
23. Parsley leaves
24. Peppermint leaves
25. Pomegranate leaves
26. Pomegranate
27. Potassium gluconate
28. Sage leaf
29. Raspberry
30. Senna Leaf
31. Red clover

Orovo Detox and its benefits are:
- Significant weight reduction in a few days
- Metabolism is improved
- You have abundance of energy to carry on with daily activities
- Reducing Acne
- Wrinkles reduced

Although no doubt that the supplement is a very good one with a lot of health benefits, you should always consult a doctor before starting to use the pill as some of the ingredients might not suit certain people.

For $89.95 one can get Orovo Detox and that too without prescription. If you want a caffeine free product, then that is also offered for those who have restrictions on caffeine intake. Online ecommerce site like Amazon and eBay allows you to buy Orovo Detox and have it shipped to your threshold.

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**Note: eBay may be the place to find some really great bargains but when it comes to stuff that you put inside your mouth, buy only from reputable sellers!

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