Olive Oil Cleanse

When a person eat fast food, preservative containing food, junk food, and non-vegetarian food then it definitely creates health problems such as obesity, heart burn, constipation, gas, fatigue, heaviness as well as skin and hair related issues. If a person keeps on eating such food items then it can also cause blockage of colon which can cause problem to liver. It is important that the system should undergo detoxification frequently because it is important for maintaining health. In this problem olive oil can work effectively.

If an individual is suffering from the health problem which is mentioned in the following list in that case person should consider detox process seriously because this is the right time for detoxifying the system.

Bad breath
Stinking stools
Gas and acidity
Obesity/weight gain
Improper digestion
Irritation and mood fluctuations
Bulging stomach
Food cravings
Skin problems
Change of taste in the mouth
Constant headaches

There are different choices of processes available for cleaning the body such as drinking or dieting and with medical treatment. On the other hand, olive oil cleanse is easy as compared to the other cleansing methods. If the person uses this treatment daily it can support in dealing with the problems that are mentioned above in the list.

Basically olive oil has slippery and oily properties which can lubricate the system internally as well as help in improving the bowel movement. It is recommended that olive oil can be taken twice a day i.e. once in the day time and once at night time or once in a week. If the person takes it regularly it can become the reason of diarrhea and loose motion. This is how unwanted accumulated substances can be removed from the body and hence it can cleanse the liver.

Once the person decides that he wants to undergo detoxification of the system in that case he must stop eating after 4 O'clock in the evening. About 10:30 at night he must take cup of grapefruit juice and add half cup of olive oil in it then mix it. Keep this mixture for half an hour then drink it and after drinking it go to bed. Next day make a sea-salt water flush and for balancing this drink a glass of fiber drink. In this way your body will be cleansed thoroughly.

Olive oil is extracted out from the olive fruit and it has three important acids such as palmitic, fatty and oleic. It carries less quantity of saturated fats and it works as an antioxidant as well as it is used in medicines. This treatment is not only useful for cleaning the internal body system completely but doctors also advice this for treatment liver and gall bladder. It also prevents the problems such as gall-stones, asthma and fatigue.

With few steps an individual can become smart, confident as well as positive. Olive oil contains good amount of fiber which support in detoxification as well as clean the entire system. Even it also prevents some health problems such as acidity, gas, asthma and others which occur due to unhealthy diet.


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