Natural Colon Cleansing

Colon, the organ for absorption of nutrients from the food is situated at the last stage of our gastrointestinal tract. It is responsible for absorption of nutrients and water. Formation of stool takes place inside colon. Thus colon becomes the most important organ to be challenged by the toxic materials sieved after the absorption of nutrients by our body. Colon can hold up to 25 pounds of undigested food, rotten smelling and putrefied fecal matter inside its lumen. This is definitely not healthy if it is not cleared by defecation. Normally colon can excrete all the harmful materials by the virtue of its natural capability. But, after reaching at a certain age, it becomes weak and can’t able to cleanse all these toxins. A comprehensive Colon cleansing process is essential at this point of time.

There are some good natural colon cleansers. It incorporates naturally found healthy herbs to assist your colon to get rid of the health problems.

Water comes first among the natural colon cleansing material. One must take adequate amount of water depending upon his/her body weight. Water helps to flush out the toxic material present inside the colon.

As per the natural colon cleansing program, you have to concentrate more about foods that contain high amount of fiber. Any vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices, cereals, legumes and nuts include the required amount of fiber for a natural colon cleansing program.

Papaya has natural digestive enzyme – papain. Pepsin can break down complex protein structures into easily digestible simple proteins which are easy for absorption also.

Role of exercise cannot be emphasized more in a natural colon cleansing program. Exercise stimulates every muscle in our body, including the muscles of the colon; thus improving the functioning of the organ.

Fruits contain essential fibers that are beneficial for colon. 450 ml of freshly juice of apple, carrot and parsley, mixed with equal amount of water is a useful mixture for natural colon cleansing procedure.

As mentioned earlier, herbs are an integral part of natural colon cleansing. Herbs that are being used for long in the treatment of colon cleansing are Aloe Vera leave extract, senna, ginger, parsley, ajwain (carom seeds or bishop’s weeds) and cayenne pepper. Any herb that is bitter in taste can be used as natural colon cleansing agent as bitterness stimulates bile production from the liver and bile assists in the normal flow of gastrointestinal system.

Any low fat, low spice recipe that includes celery, beets, carrots, kale, garlic, parsley and wheatgrass is undoubtedly help in the natural colon cleansing process.

Some valuable herbs, but difficult to obtain, for natural colon cleansing include senna, sultana raisins and rose hip extract. You may find them in some good stores that specialize in herbal ingredients.

There is no specific way for natural colon cleansing. Different combinations can be used for different people. But judicial use of fiber, herbs, exercise and adequate sleep can not only help our body to dispel the harmful ingredients from the colon, but it will also promote good health and optimum performance.


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