Mono Detox Diets

Detox diets are being used by people all across the globe for releasing body toxins and wastes. People take these diets to eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body.

Before getting into the details of mono meal detox diets, you must know what detoxifications is all about?

The process of eliminating excess toxins from the body with the help of diets and other techniques is known as detoxification. Toxins are potentially harmful substances that can cause severe damage to the body tissues to cause diseases. These toxins can be flushed out from the body with the help of several detox diet programs and one such helpful program is mono meal detox diet.

Mono diets are a type of detox diet that insists in eating just one food for about a week or so. These diets last for a certain period of time. Mono meal detox diets are usually fruit based; apples, grapefruit and grapes are primarily used for detoxification. The basic intention of using mono diets is to give the body just one food type which can be easily digested and the body can concentrate in repairing the internal system.

The grape mono diet has been very successful and itís not because grape has some magical healing properties; it is rather the freedom that the body gets while digesting just one food group while the body heals itself naturally. The process of digestion requires ample energy and this energy needs to be supplied to the body on a regular basis for life time. What we eat everyday isnít really healthy, there are times when we gulp down junk foods and drinks in haste. Such foods are difficult to digest though very good to taste and can overload our system with toxins. Also the process of digesting these food groups would require more and more energy, thus leaving us weary and drenched.

Mono meal detox diets produce similar results like fasting with just one point of difference; with fasting you are deprived of food but with mono meal detox diets you can at least eat one particular type of food. Mono diets also help in cleansing our inner cellular environment and also assist in breaking the toxins and diseased tissues down.

Mono detox diets also have several advantages Ė it lessens the extreme detox reactions that can happen with fasting. So itís definitely is a better option. This would also allow your body to speed up the process of detoxification but only to give you a healthy body and mind.

People often fear the idea of going without food for 5 days, however, with mono meal detox diets, such fears can be eradicated. At least it is a better choice to live in grapes, apples or bananas for 5 days than going absolutely without food.

Nonetheless, watery fruits like grapes are the best mono diets for people, but people do take bananas and other fruits as an alternative. You must carefully choose the right kind of fruit. You need to choose something that suits you and you can eat regularly. Mono meal detox diets can also help you in reducing your body weight as a superb side effect of the system; this is one such side effect which you would love to experience.


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