Recommended Post Detox Diet Meal Plan

The question of what to eat once you are through with your detox diet is a real dilemma. The way out is to have balanced and healthy meals, with the same discipline that you showed during the diet period. Donít give in to the urge of even tasty and luring food, like chocolates.

Several cookbooks available in market have ideas for a post-detox meal. However, unfortunately, most of them are low calorie and low protein diets. The amount of energy they give is not sufficient, and may lead to health problems.

There are some people who choose to revert to their original diet minus excessively unhealthy and fatty food, after the detox diet is over. The first day after the detox diet, they consume two glasses of water in the morning to remove any toxic residues from the body. The practice of drinking two glasses of water before breakfast is actually a very good one as it maintains the level of toxicity that you realized in your program.

You can also have whole grain cereals and fresh fruits in breakfast. For lunch, you may consider eating vegetable salads for protein. You may also add some seafood or poultry meat. If itís more calories that you need, add some rice cakes to your plate.

Have a light dinner, as you don't need much calorie after your dinner as you rest. Select from a low-starch food platter, like vegetables, and add some light protein source. Remember to always use organic stuff.

Include plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in your plan rather than just picking up the offerings from the store. It may be a little hard on you if you need to eat out often, as you wonít have much choice. Browse through local fooderies, read the menu, and decide on what may be a healthy choice. Make a note of them, so that the next time your stomach grumbles, you know where to head to have a healthy and well-balanced meal.

Example Post Detox Meal Plan from the book by Elson M. Haas and Daniella Chace called The New Detox Diet:

Day One:

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Organic Apple
Breakfast: Hot Breakfast Quinoa
Lunch: White Bean Salad and Fresh Harvest Juice
Snack: Cold Almonds
Dinner: Salmon with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary
Treat: Juice Jells

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Organic Grapes
Breakfast: Baked Apple
Lunch: Herbed Soup
Snack: Cottonwood Pea Hummus
Dinner: Kombu Squash Soup
Treat: Fresh fruit or smoothie of your choice

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Grapefruit
Breakfast: Basic Breakfast Steel Cut Oats
Lunch: Jicama Salad or Gazpacho
Snack: Kombu Nuts
Dinner: Glazed Broccoli and Lentil Stew
Treat: Pears in Black Cherry Sauce

Abjure food with high starch content, baked and processed food like burgers, sausages, canned corned beef and hotdogs; salted nuts, carbonated drinks (both diet and sugar), sauces like mayonnaise, readymade salad dressing and pickles; and coffee.

The diet program actually adapts your body for a healthier after-detox diet. So it's not as tough as it may seem. Many dieters experience withdrawal from caffeine after the program, which is quite anticipated, as your body starts craving afresh for new things. Many dieters experienced permanent weight loss. Don't get surprised by these. It only means that your body had adapted to a healthier life-style and food habits.


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