Liver Detox

Why detoxify the liver?

An obvious question always arises in our minds, why should we detoxify our liver? And what is its need? In today’s world nothing seems to be in pure form, the environment is filled up with large number of toxic pollutants - in the air, water, nothing is spared. This has led to addition of preservatives and chemicals that has to be added in order to keep the food fresh. These preservatives leave long term effects in our body. Even the medicines that we take for curing from certain disease leaves side effects, whereas the body eliminates all damaged and dead cells, germs and bacteria. In the background the liver does all the work throughout lifespan.

The most important function of our liver is to get rid of harmful body toxins, metabolism, maintains proper cholesterol balance, produce important proteins like albumin and blood clotting agents etc. It is the natural detoxification center of the body. So it is very important that we have a healthy liver for our proper body functioning. And to make sure we have a healthy liver, we need a proper cleanse of the same.

The liver gets exhausted by doing all these work. The most important organ of our body also gets blocked by the harmful toxins it tries to eliminate. So, if you care for your liver and want to ensure a healthy one, liver detoxification is a perfect way out.

What is liver Detox?

It is nothing but a diet that will help you to invigorate the liver. Going through a detox program helps the liver in separating the nutrients from the toxins and thus keep the body away from harmful toxins.

What is Liver Detoxification and how it works

Detoxifying liver will not only improve your health but your longevity as well. Sometimes the liver can so filled with toxins that it may eject toxins back into the blood. Therefore we need a proper liver care. To begin with, drink lots and lots of water, lemon juice (lukewarm) and also vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, wasabi, turnip, bokchoy, turnip etc. Also include different berries, seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame.

Herbal or Ayurvedic Detox

Using of herbs or Ayurveda is a wonderful way of detoxification liver. This helps in reviving the liver with new cells. The herbs that can be used are blessed thistle, birch leaves, goldenrod, dandelion, red beet root, parsley, angelica root, gentian, black cohosh, yellow dock, turmeric, horsetail etc. which can function as good anti-oxidants.

Points to consider when you undergo liver detox

You should consider liver detox for a short phase and also you should gather advice from a professional to get information on how the diet should be taken forward and till when. If you continue liver detox for longer period of time there may be serious health issues with your body as the protein intake may decrease if detoxification is for prolonged time. So it is advised that you should take small amounts of proteins along with the prescribed diet. And also you should wash the vegetables and fruits to remove the fertilizers and pesticides from the food. Otherwise detoxification will have no use.

Learn more about liver detox juice recipe and how it can help you detox your liver.


Stick With Your Liver Detox

Don't give up midstream, even though it can be trying to get your detox done. You may think that you are focusing too much on your diet or being restricted from enjoying your favorite foods. Fasting was once the most popular way of detoxing the liver. Health practitioners now advise against this. They prefer that you eat a lot – of the right foods.

You may resist making changes to your eating habits, or eating less food than usual. Generally these changes are for a limited time and not too challenging. It will not be easy however. You will need to concentrate on eliminating coffee and tea and filling up on fresh veggies. It can be hard for some people to give up coffee or smoking or sugar, but these will all tax the liver unnecessarily and sabotage your liver detox.

It may also be hard for you to keep at it for the required period of time. If you prepare yourself carefully for the challenges, you can make it through. Don't give in if you are yearning for your favorite snack or your stomach feels empty. Look at your calendar and pick a time when you aren't going to be spending time partying or going out. These things all create temptation. Around the holidays is a very bad time to try a liver cleanse. If family or friends are visiting or you are taking them out to events or dinners - bad time to detox.

Now that you have selected a quiet time in life to increase your chances of successfully completing your liver cleanse, plan the details. Be certain that you have all the recipe items to make your meals and juices. Toss out any tempting and preservative-laden snack foods, but don't skip the snacks entirely. Just make your own healthy ones, so that you can give in to temptation and stay relatively full and satisfied, without ruining your liver detox plan. Soups and juices can be great snacks. Make sure they are right there handy so that you won't have any excuse to run to the convenience store or drive-through window.

Focus your mind of the reasons you are doing the liver detox, and how great a successful outcome will feel. If you get your mind around this, you will remain determined and strong. Think of how much better you will soon feel and how much your long term health will improve. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will get there.


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