Liver Cleanse Recipes

Liver is the heaviest organ of our body placed in the right upper part of our abdominal cavity. It is the main organ for metabolism and further storage of vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients. Liver also suffers most from the invading toxins and pollutants that may slip into our body through the diet we take and from the environment. As these toxins are accumulated, various metabolic diseases start showing up. The natural aging process is also accelerated.

There are various ways to detox the liver. The most convenient way to detox or cleanse the liver is to take some healthy foods that will not only wash out these toxins, but they will also have a protective effect in the liver parenchyma. Some of the liver cleanse recipes are

Liver Detox Juice
There is nothing more refreshing like a glassful of fresh juice. And if it helps to cleanse your liver, there is nothing comparable with it. The following recipe will suffice the need for 2 people. It is better to drink the Liver Detox Juice in the morning session of Yoga or light exercise.

4 medium sized lemons
2 large grapefruits
1-2 cloves of grated fresh garlic
2 inches of grated ginger
2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil or olive oil
1 cup of drinking water
1 tsp of liquid acidophilus
tsp of powdered black salt/ Epsom salt
Powdered pepper (optional, to taste)

Wash all the fruits and cut them in halves. Place the Grapefruits slices into the blender/ mixer. Squeeze the lemons. Put all other ingredients into the blender. Now blend for high power for at least 30-45 seconds. Your healthy Liver Detox Juice is ready.

You can drink this liver detox juice each morning to maintain a good and healthy liver. There are some other recopies that also protects the liver tissue.

1 tablespoon of Epsom salt should be mixed in 3/4th cup of chilled water. One fresh lemon should be squeezed into it. Otherwise, you can add 3 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in it. Drink this mixture in every break period.

Grapefruit is very much useful element for a successful liver detox program. You can add fresh juice of two Grapefruits and add cup of olive oil into it. Mix it thoroughly in a shaker. It is a good liver detox drink just before retiring for a day.

Your liver detox recipe must not include any kind of non-vegetarian foods, oily foods and foods that contain high amount of spices.


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