Lifestyle Toxins

The sort of life style a person leads can be an important deciding factor as to the toxins found in the body. Pursuing ill habits like alcohol, smoking, drugs, colorants and additives introduces toxic substances in the body cells; even undigested organic food can turn into toxin and harm the body. A little precaution can help avoid toxins from entering our body; let us aware ourselves with some toxins:

Dimethylketone also commonly known as Acetone
Acetone is also called Beta- Ketopropane, 2-propanone etc. Entry into the bloodstream even due to moderate inhaling causes irritation in the eye, nose, lungs and throat. It causes headache and confusion, increases the rate of pulse and affects the blood flow. It causes vomiting, nausea as well as unconsciousness and in serious cases may induce coma. In women it affects the menstrual cycle where it shortens it. Exposure to acetone can cause long term damages to liver, kidney, nervous damage, there can be birth defects and metabolic changes. Nail polish remover contains acetone.

Generally nail care products contain acetaldehyde and can cause cancers.

Alpha hydroxy acid
Skin cells are prone to damage due this as it tears down the cells of the skin. Such condition makes the skin lose its resistance to pollution in the environment and as a result consequences may be skin rashes as well as irritation or in seriousness, skin cancer. The skin also ages rapidly where as the anti aging cosmetics use alpha hydroxy acid as an ingredient for the cream and lotion.

Ammonium Glycolate
The photo sensitizer is a great threat to skin by enhancing the risk of skin cancer and multiplying the effects of Ultra Violet rays on the skin, reaching up to deep layers of the skin. Ammonium glycolate causes the skin to be prone to blistering, hives, scaling, burning and itching. The structural make up of the skin may be changed too and thereby making it non resistant to chemicals which if easily gain access to the bloodstream that tantamount to different risks. It is also found in cosmetics.

Aluminium causes damage to the central nervous system and recent findings have said that it also causes Alzheimer. Aluminium is found in deodorants.

Ammonium Persulfate
Hair dyes and do it yourself bleaching packs contain this in abundance. The immune system may be stimulated by this and cause blistering, scaling, burning, itching and lung problems; may also cause asthma attacks. Other problems can occur around the respiratory tract. This toxin has been deemed as immune system toxin, respiratory toxin as well as derma or skin toxin.

Aspartame is used in making substitutes of sugar. It can cause dizziness seizures and headaches, it may alter behavioral patterns also due to change in functioning of the brain. Long terms have not yet been discovered. Apart from sugar substitutes it is also found in diet sodas and shaving gels.

Benzoic, Benzyl, Benzene
Abundantly used in making shampoos, bubble bath, shower gels and these contains carcinogens and disrupts the endocrine system functioning, it causes birth defects also.

This breakdowns to from carcinogen like nitrosamines after forming into formaldehyde. This is also used in cosmetics.

Bentonite (clay)
The breathing through the skin can be hampered; it keeps the toxins in by not letting waste carbon dioxide out and preventing fresh oxygen to come in. This is found in soaps, cosmetics and facial masks.

The toxin increases the chances of breast cancers and other types of cancers as well. This is also another of those agents that disrupts the endocrine and can cause infertility or embryonic development problems. This is also found in cosmetics.

Carboxy methyl cellulose
Also found in cosmetics and inhaling it can cause chemically activated pneumonitis.

Coal tar Dyes
Causes allergic reaction and in its severity it can translate into asthma attacks, nausea, fatigue, headaches, concentration lag, nervousness, increased chances of Hodgkin disease and lymphoma or multiple myeloma. This is found in bubble bath, hair dye, anti dandruff shampoo, tooth paste and foods.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine
This also causes skin irritation such as itching, blistering and burning. The substance is synthesized from coconuts and also found in most cosmetics and especially on the ones that are labeled natural.

Rat poisons contains this chemical and astoundingly even deodorants, skin fresheners, perfumes and shampoos contain Coumarin; this is also a carcinogen.

Diethanolamine or DEA
The agent that is used in shampoos, hairsprays, sunscreens, soaps as a thickening constituent. It affects the brain development of the fetus by preventing the absorption of a nutrient called choline.

D&C yellow eleven
Lip gloss, nail polish, polish remover, moisturizers, lipstick, lotion, styling gels, bar soap, sunscreen products, eye products, nail treating products, cologne, bath oil, salts, body spray etc.

Mascara contains this substance in abundance and it is thought to be a cancer causing agent.

Hydrobietyl Alcohol
The chemical is replete in styling gels and lotions and is extremely unsafe for cosmetic use.

This chemical forms DEA and reacts with nitrite based agents, it is very difficult to trace so caution should be exercised before using any product DEA as it is a carcinogen. This is used to alter the pH level in the cosmetics and it converts acids to salt in many fatty acids.

Don't be misguided; this is not the tea you are thinking it to be, it is a chemical that causes allergic reactions and eye irritation, skin irritation and dry hair. Extremely toxic if exposed over long period. Repeated exposure showed increase in cancerous symptoms in liver and kidney. The substance is used in making shampoos, bubble bath, conditioner, lotions and shaving gels.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
It is used in nail polishes to prevent it from getting chipped off and is associated with fertility problems with boys.

This type of silicone based emollient covers up the skin as well as prevents the natural cleansing of the toxins from the body. By doing so, can give rise to tumors in liver as well as lymph nodes due to accumulation of the toxins. It is found in creams and lotions.

Disodium EDTA
If this chemical is swallowed or inhaled it is very harmful and t causes irritation to eyes, respiratory tract and skin. It is found in almost all cosmetics.

It is used in making body lotions and facial creams it chokes the skin by preventing proper ventilation of moisture through the skin.

Synthetic fragrances
Perfumes contain multitude of toxic chemicals, some carcinogenic chemicals are methylene chloride are added in making perfumes. These cause severe damage to brain because they are neurotoxins.

A very fatal combination of neurotoxin and carcinogen; which when swallowed, absorbed or inhaled can be very dangerous. It is very rough on the tissue of the mucous membrane and it brings about edema, chemical pneumonitis as well as spasms. It is found in many nail care products and hair dye, mouthwash, hairspray, tooth paste, deodorants, baby shampoo, cologne. It is also proven to cause cancerous symptoms.

Glycolic Acid
It is a penetrating chemical that also alter the structure of the skin and it makes the skin non resistant to harmful chemical and toxins that gain entry into the body or the lower dermal layers easily. The chemicals can easily reach the blood stream. It can bring about allergic reactions such as burning, itching, scaling, hives, blistering etc. This chemical is a neurotoxin, kidney toxin and also gastrointestinal toxin thus affecting the liver, brain, skin etc. It is found in creams, lotions as well as other cosmetics.

Very toxic and powerful chemical that is often used in skin fairness products and also in hair colors, the chemical is so powerful that it alters the structure of the skin and disturbs the production of melanin. The melanin is a natural protection for the skin and stopping its growth make the skin prone to skin cancer which may be caused due to exposure in sun.

Hydroxy methylcellulose
Used extensively in cosmetics and inhaling it can cause chemically stimulated pneumonitis.

Isobutyl paraben
This is a chemical that causes breast cancer symptom, it also causes itching, burning, blistering and this is used extensively in cosmetics.

Isopropyl Alcohol
The toxicity is moderate of this chemical and causes decrease in pulse rate, lowers the blood pressure and causes flushing, other problems that may occur are narcosis, dizziness, mental depression, hallucinations, changed habits, nausea, coma, vomiting, respiratory problems etc.

Kajoic Acid
This is another chemical that disturbs the production of melanin. It is used in fairness products; it damages and makes the skin more prone to cancer.

Kaolin (Clay)
It inhibits the natural skin cleansing of the body and hence suffocates the skin. It is used to make powders and other cosmetics.

This is a chemical used in mascara and cause eyelashes to fall out.

It is actually good for skin but it since it contains carcinogenic pesticides like DDT, dieldrin, linden and other neurotoxins it can lead to rashes plus it is also found in many cosmetics.

It is found in soaps and it can turn the skin dry and damage it.

Mineral Oil
These clogs the pores of the skin and prevents the cleansing of toxins through the skin, it also prevents the natural production of skin oils and affects the dehydration by increasing it. It can cause tumors in testicle or the fetus. The mineral oil deposits can accumulate in lymph nodes and cause and prevents the absorption of vitamin A in the intestines. These oils are used to make blush, baby oil, foundations, creams and lotions.

Methyl Isothiazoline or MIT
This is found in shampoos and can cause neurological problems if exposed to, for long time.

It is a carcinogen producer, because it contains dioxane, it can disturb the endocrine. The PEG can be only eliminated from the product by stripping it in vacuum, it is found in cosmetics and food. It can cause eye irritation, damage nervous system and congestion, causes convulsions and mutations.

Closes up the pores and stops the natural cleansing of the body and prevents the toxins from getting released. Used in making lotions, body gel and skin creams.

Causes damage to liver, kidneys, reproductive system, formation testes in male embryos and lungs. This is found in vinyl of flooring, wallpapers made of plastic, toys, perfume, nail polish, mousse, body lotion. This accumulates over time in the body due to the use of these products but manufacturers always seem to forget about it.

Can be stated as a carcinogen and is found in lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and baby soap.

When this break down it forms many toxic substance and this can be related with many cancer causing agents, it may also lead to many other severe health problems and this too is also found in many cosmetics.

Propylene Glycol
This has far reaching consequences, it is absorbed in the blood stream and from there it reaches all organs. The damages that it causes on the skin are rashes, dry skin, disturbs the normal skin cell production etc. But most of the problems are focused in the inner. The problems are kidney troubles, liver problems, damage to the cell membranes. This chemical produces acidosis which is very severe in nature; it damages the central nervous system, causes congestion, mutations and EFG changes. Inhaling it causes nasal passage irritation, vomiting, upset stomach, nausea etc. It used in making shaving gels, lotions, conditioners, deodorants and also found in certain food products.

Propyl paraben
Can cause breast cancer and disturbs the endocrine glands. Increases the risk of other types of cancer and prevents fertility development. The itching, burning and blistering of skin, some gastrointestinal troubles or initiate liver hazard due to increased toxicity. It is also used in making of cosmetics.

Quaternium - 7, 15, 31, 60 etc.
Extremely toxic, causes allergic problems and rashes. It can also be liked to lymphoma, myeloma and other types of cancers. This too is found in cosmetics.

Sodium Chloride
The normal table salt but it causes irritation in the eye, hair loss, dryness and itchy feelings on the skin. It is found in shampoo where it is used as constituent.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate
When it breaks down, it gets contaminated and becomes a causative agent for cancer and other severe health problems. Found in moisturizer, cleanser, facial products, fairness creams, anti- aging products and, eye makeup products, concealer, makeup remover, shampoo, lotion, gels, mousse, foam, hair spray, nearly about all cosmetics contain this.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
This accumulates in the heart, brain, lungs, liver, damages the immune system, causes hair fall by corroding the hair follicles. It is found in tooth pastes, body wash, body gels, soap, cleansers etc. it is actually derived from coconut oil and is labeled organic but it poses so much threat.

SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
Mixing ether turns it into carcinogenic nitrosamines. Found in shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath, soap, body wash etc and it causes hair loss.

It is a carcinogen when it is inhaled, and can cause fallopian tube fibrosis. Blush, condoms, baby powder, feminine powders, body powders etc are talc.

It is very poisonous. Hallucination, changes the bone marrow, damages liver, damages kidney, cause birth defects, disturbs the endocrine and may be a carcinogen and might cause brain cancer. Causes irritation in the respiratory tract and is found in nail polish and other cleaning detergents.

Found mostly in antibacterial soaps, toothpastes that reacts with the chlorine in the water and makes chloroform. It is a cancer causing agent. The fumes or the smell that you get when you wash your hand is actually triclosan emitted from the chemical reaction.

Zinc Stearate
This is another carcinogen that is found in blush and powders.


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