Kinoki Foot Pads

Do you want to remove toxic substances from your bodies easily? If you do, you should consider Kinoki Detox foot pads. They are actually very small in size but they are very powerful in removing toxins from body. This square-shaped pads contains many natural nutrients and also some herbs which can effectively remove toxin from body. Besides removal of toxins, it is also helpful in removing heavy metals and other harmful chemicals and substances from your bodies in an external way. You can put them on your feet overnight and it would remove toxins from your bodies very effectively. It is very user-friendly and the result is very obvious.

As mentioned above, there are many natural ingredients provided by the pads. The herbs would work together to help remove the toxins from your bodies through the pores on your feet. Moreover, tourmaline, a kind of mineral, would be produced to make anions for keeping you relax. It can also help improve the circulation of your body and also, the detoxifying process.

Up to this point, you might want to know the way of using the pad. In fact, Kinoki Detox foot pads would function very quickly once you put the pad under your feet. Every night, you could try to put the adhesive side of the pad to the soles of your feet. Then, you can sleep. You should attach the pads to your feet for more than 8 hours so as to obtain a better effect. If you want to wear socks instead of using bare feet, you may. In fact, you can see the power of these pads very easily. When toxins are removed from your bodies, you would observe a color change in your pads. A dark color reveals that you are having a lot of toxins in your body and a light color indicates that you are free from toxins.

According to traditional Chinese knowledge, human body has more than 360 acupuncture points. Among these points, more than 60 are located on the soles of our feet. Therefore, with the help of the pads, these points would be stimulated and would help you remove the toxins very effectively but gently. It is because toxins would be most likely to accumulate at the feet. Removal of toxins is different from removal of urine, as it does require human effort to accelerate the flow of elimination. Therefore, the pads would be very useful in removing the toxins.

Now, letís understand more about the benefits brought by this product.

Obviously, the most important benefit from using Kinoki detox foot pads is that you can remove a number of different kinds of toxins from your bodies and you would become healthier. However, there are some other benefits which are brought indirectly and could help you stay healthy for a very long period of time.

First, it can refresh your organs and could relieve some of your pains. Also, it would help boost your immune system and circulatory system. You would be able to have a good sleep by using this product as you would be less likely to feel tired which previously caused by the toxins.

Another great benefit brought by the pads is weight loss

Sometimes, you might see advertisements saying that Kinoki detox foot pads would be able to help you lose weight. It is actually true. With the pads, the lymphatic system would be able to function properly as there is external force to draw the lymph into the right pathway.

Kinoki detox foot pads could be able to boost the flow of these lymphatic fluids through your bodies so that toxins would be removed and nutrients could be brought to new cells in your bodies. Then, you would require more energy to produce new cells and these energies would be obtained from burning fats from your bodies.

On the other hand, the pads could successfully increase the brightness of your skin and you would be more charming. Therefore, the pads are really very great in keeping you healthy and might even be able to make you look younger.


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