Kidney Cleanse

Among the most important organs that are responsible for maintaining a healthy body, kidney is a vital one. It is a bean shaped organ and is comparable to the size of a human fist undergoing very important functions. The major functions include filtering the blood from the harmful toxins and waste accumulates. The permeable membrane only allows the vital elements to be passed (those are required by the body) and the useless are eliminated. If the kidneys do not work normal, the toxins continue to accumulate in the blood and thus circulation is impaired which results in multiple organ malfunctioning. So, any circumstance that might cause malfunctioning of kidneys should be treated seriously.

Therefore kidney cleanse is quite important and must be performed two times a year for a time period of three weeks. Everyday may be a cleansing day. Three litres of water consumption is required as long as the person does not have any underlying disease such as cardiovascular disease. Some suggested daily food intakes can be fruit juices and cleansing teas. Acai Berry fruit has a cleansing effect which acts as diuretics and helps the body to get rid of various harmful contaminants that get accumulate from what we eat. The cleansing effect benefits our body in regulating our blood pressure, preventing kidney stones, neutralizing acidic contents of our body.

Kidney cleanse is important, although you do not feel any back pain. Many herbal recipes and various other homeopathic remedies are used for cleansing kidney stones. Here are some of them:

Watermelon Cleanse - It is most simple way to perform a kidney cleanse. You require about 20 100 pounds of watermelon; eat as much you can while sitting in a bath filled up with water and constantly emptying your bladder. This cleanse is not suitable for diabetics.

Kidney Cleanse from the book The Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark explains in depth how to perform kidney cleansing. Her programs can get rid of most of the kidney stones without any surgical process. It is even not complicated.

Celery Seed Tea

Corn silk tea is a good single herb for rising urine stream and restoring the kidneys to its normal state.

Parsley leaves and root tea are also used to for kidney cleansing.

Parsley seeds are helpful for getting rid of kidney stones.

Lemonade diet is also a good kidney cleanse as well.

A juice fast like vegetable juices can also be a kidney cleanse.

Treatment of water

For your kidney cleanse you must get rid of the calcium deposits and limit unobserved infections, which prevents any unexpected collapse. If you are more than forty years old then it is very necessary for you to cleanse your kidneys as they are in greater risk of collapsing.

The cleanse programs can be accomplished while you are doing your normal work and should be continued for two to three weeks. When you have healthy kidneys you can easily fight off infections and maintain a very healthy body. If you feel back pain and problem in voiding, your problem might be in your kidneys. You can do kidney cleanse alone however if it is advanced, expert assistance is recommended.

For more information on kidneys cleanse, check out our article on how to detox your kidneys.


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