How to Have A Free Body Detox

A body detox can be expensive if your detox depends on pills, supplements or special detox equipments. There are definitely other cheaper ways to detox your body that you can do at home without buying a system or spending your hard earned money on special drinks and juices. There are things you can do yourself at home that are virtually free to detoxify or in preparation and addition to the body detox program you are already on.

To have a free body detox, you can try juice or water fasting instead of pills or supplements. Water and juice fasting requires you to drink water and fruit juices for a period of time and are more cost effective as compared to popping supplements. You can try skin brushing instead of foot detoxing. A foot detox requires you to invest in equipment that may be expensive to some.

Detoxing your body requires discipline to see it to completion. You need to devote to it for a few days at most and so the best time to detox your body is when you have the time and at somewhere you are comfortable with. Your own home is the best as it allows you to rest and relax without any interruptions. A body detox may make some people more moody and emotional, so itfs advisable to limit your social activities as much as possible during this period as not to hurt anyonefs feeling unintentionally.

A good idea is to do your free detox on the weekend and start by having a relaxing Friday. Eat a light diet throughout the day and begin cutting out coffee, tea, sodas and other items out of your diet. You will also need to drink a minimum of 3 liters of water throughout the day. When trying to drink this water, it is usually easier to make it un-chilled.

Skin Brushing
Skin brushing is another body detox method that is simple and easy to do at home and will give you the same effect as a spa treatment. Make sure your skin is dry so brush before a bath and before bed is probably a nice relaxing time to do it. Skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and encourages the expulsion of toxins.

- Brush your feet, toes and soles and then the front and back of your legs. Always brush upwards and towards the groin.

- Brush your buttocks and lower back using upward strokes. Reach the best you can unless you have someone to help you (and feel comfortable with someone helping).

- Brush your hands and arms towards your armpits.

- Brush across your shoulders and down the chest towards the heart (avoid your nipples).

- Brush the back of your neck with downward strokes.

- Using a circular, clockwise motion, brush your abdominal and stomach area.

The next day begin your fasting, juice diet, detox system, etc as planned. You can also keep a journal, perform breathing exercises and other methods to help enhance the overall effectiveness of your body detox.


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