How To Detox Naturally

Each individual has a unique body that has its own way of getting rid of harmful chemicals. The most inexpensive, most convenient and safe way to detoxification is helping your body identify its innate detox process. This can be achieved in five well-organized ways.

1. Increase Zinc levels

There are some elements called free radicals naturally existing in the body. These particles are highly reactive and cause damage to the body. Exposure to environmental toxins through Ultraviolet rays, radiation, smoking and air fumes may result in increased quantity of these particles. Itís said that these harmful particles not only accelerate the racing process, they also cause a lot of health problems like coronary diseases and cancer. Zinc acts as a protector and keeps your body safe from the effects of these toxins by 3 distinct means:

- It has antioxidant properties that help deactivate free radicals and result in a decrease or total deterrence of the damage caused by these particles.
- It is a component of Superoxide Dismutase that in turn has anti-oxidizing properties.
- It helps the body to absorb Vitamin E which also helps prevent oxidation.

Zinc is present in yolk of egg, seafood, meat, chicken, soybeans, sunflower seeds, pulses, mushrooms, pecans, oysters pumpkin seeds, parsley, and kelp.

2. Augment the Selenium content in your body
Constant interaction with toxins in the environment, exposure to medication such as antineoplastic medicines, exposure to ultraviolet rays and other toxic medicines result in a need for more selenium in the body. Selenium is very important because it produces an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase for preventing oxidation. This enzyme guides the body to find its inherent detoxification process. Every molecule of this biomolecule has 4 atoms of selenium. Particularly, people with liver disease caused by continuous alcohol usage have greatly benefited by the increase in selenium levels in their body because this protects their liver. People who smoke should also make a deliberate attempt to increase this chemical in their body because smoking depletes the bodyís resources.
Selenuim content can be augmented simply by eating the right kind of food. Brazil nuts, broccoli, brown rice, onions, molasses, seafood, vegetables, chicken, dairy products, garlic, and whole grains are sources of selenium. These food sources enable easy and safe augmentation of this chemical in the body.

3. Natureís remedy
Chemical contamination is present in most of our day to day needs like cleaning agents, shampoos, creams, grocery and medicines. Each day we are injecting toxic substances into our body. Just make a small change in what you buy to prevent too much exposure to chemicals. Itís best to ďgo naturalĒ to prevent harmful chemicals from getting into your system. For instance, using vinegar or baking soda instead of cleaning agents which have a lot of chemicals is good for you. Consider buying home grown food that hasnít been treated with fertilizers or pesticides whenever you can. Medicines sold over the counter may prove to be dangerous as they may contain harmful fillers, binding and flowing agents. Did you know aluminum is present in many antacids? Similarly, medicines like Aspirin and Ibuprofen may cause the kidneys to get stressed. Medicines prescribed in homeopathy, on the other hand, are definitely safe to buy over the counter. These medicines have many varieties, of which aqua based medicines have less toxicity as compared to alcohol or sugar based pills. So itís best to have a supply of these medicines in your cabinet. You can get them at your medicine or health store or on the internet.

4. Keep your body hydrated
Itís very important for the body to retain its water supply levels in order to aid metabolism, blood flow, body heat and transport of nutrients. Your bodyís instinctive detoxification process is enabled when you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. The above mentioned body processes are also allowed to function smoothly. If you consume many cups of coffee or tea everyday, ensure your match each cup of the drink with a glass of water because caffeine is said to help in inducing urination. Make sure you drink filtered water if the water you drink is direct from the tap. If you have to buy water, try to distill it to purify the water before drinking.

5. Homeopathic route to detox
There are some herbs that help in detoxification, but it has been found that these alternative methods have side effects on exposure to other medicines and may be harmful to the body. Homeopathic medicines have been in use for the past 200 years and it has been found that these medicines have never caused any side effects whatsoever. Homeopathy works by acting on the bodyís natural processes to heal itself. Another advantage of using these medicines is their low cost and ease of use. There are medicines to cure any kind of cleansing of toxins whether it is liver, lymph, blood & kidney or heavy metal detox. If you donít know which area needs cleansing, you can start with a blood and kidney detox, and then do a liver cleansing. If your symptoms persist, you can try using special homeopathic formulas that tackle heavy metal, chemotherapy and others.


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