Household Toxins

It is simply astounding that as much as we like to consider our home as a safe abode, the number of toxins that we come across from detergents, toilet cleaners as well as air fresheners etc can deteriorate our health very severely. The toxins from these products of daily use are called as household toxins.

This one need no introduction and this can bring about oral cancer, many products also have it as their constituent such as toothpaste, cleansers, mouthwash, astringent etc.

Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades
Known to reduce the sperm count, it is found in bubble bath and shampoo.

Inhaling benzene for long time causes headaches, tremors, confusion, unconsciousness, rapid heart rate and in the most severe cases, it can result in death. Lymphomas and Hodgkin's are also some ailments that can be a result of inhaling benzene. It is found in pesticides, adhesives, drugs and detergents.

Fluorides are a type of carcinogens that are extensively found in toothpastes. It can accumulate and cause bone related problems. Along with fluoride, lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury can exist as compounds and add on to the toxic content in the body.

Magnesium Stearate
The substance may exist together with phosphatidyl choline which hunts down T-cells and wreaks havoc with body's immune system. This substance is widely used to smooth the surface of the tablets and it is also used extensively in pharmaceuticals, drying agents in paints, certain food products, talcum powder and ammunition.


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