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Many natural health practitioners have recommended liver cleansing as the best method to remove gallstones. Liver cleansing can improve your digestion, resulting in good health. You also get rid of several allergies when you cleanse your liver periodically. You are also cured off shoulder and upper back pain. In addition it also boosts up your energy levels.

One major function of the liver is producing the bile. The numerous biliary tubes then help the bile to move through the common bile duct. The common bile duct then passes on the bile pigment to the gallbladder which is a storehouse of bile. This stored bile is then used for fat digestion by releasing into the blood. Apart from producing the bile, the liver also stores vitamins and glucose. It is also responsible for the metabolism of fats and proteins. Liver also acts as a vital detoxifier.

When gallstones are formed, the functionality of liver is affected. The occurrence of gallstones can be noticed in an advanced stage. This is why most people are opting for periodic liver cleansing which helps in removing out the gallstones in their preliminary stage.

You can perform liver cleansing easily form your home. Here is a very popular liver cleansing recipe, using these ingredients:

- 1 cup olive oil

- 4 table spoons Epsom salts

- 3 cups of fresh grapes juice

- Grapes

For liver cleansing choose a day when you are feeling well. No medicines should be taken that day. Have a breakfast which having less fat, preferably no fat. The best one will be having fruit juices. Choose a time when to begin your cleansing procedure. It is advised to start in the afternoon. Before you take the first course do not have anything for hours. Which means you should stop eating at 3 pm if you are planning to take the concoction at 7pm.

First take three cups of fresh grape juice and mix four table spoons of Epsom salts. This makes four servings. Have your first serving now. Take another after two hours.

Squeeze all the grape juice from the grapes into a cup after two hours. Remove the pulp. It must be at least half the cup. Add this to olive oil to make it like a watery substance by shaking well. Have this concoction and go to sleep immediately.

After getting up next morning, without delay take the third serving of Epsom salt mixture. Take the left serving after another two hours. You can begin your normal diet of fruits from next two hours onwards.

When you complete this recipe you will probably get diarrhoea. Do not worry, when this occurs, gallstones will be eliminated with your bowel movement.

Liver cleanse is advised to be done two times in a year. Spring is a good time. But never undertake cleansing in the winter season.

Take the guidance of a natural health practitioner if you are undertaking liver cleansing for the first time. This will ensure that all your procedures are correct and you take all the necessary precautions. Liver is a very vital organ, and cleansing it is very necessary to wipe away gallstones.


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