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Foods like fruits, vegetables are good for health as they contain substance that the body requires for proper functioning, not only do they have the right nutrients, fruits and vegetables also help in proper digestion. Hence these qualities make it perfect diet while on a Detox program. Substances like phytochemicals are found in vegetables and fruits, these are non nutritive in nature but they have properties which can help in preventing diseases and protect the body. Phytochemicals are known to protect plants but recent studies have proven that human beings can also use this to protect themselves against heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.

The whole foods or veggies and fruits are rich in antioxidants. They are required by the body to eliminate the free radicals and reduce the body's natural oxidation processes. Oxidation causes the body cells and tissues to be damaged. Many supplements these days claim to be at par with the nutrients received from the veggies and fruits but that is not quite so. The natural way of consuming and assimilating the nutrients is far better than taking it in the form of chemically processed nutrients. Therefore care and physicians recommendation must be taken before popping the Detox pills down the throat.

Most of us overlook our diet, we don't have enough nutrient rich food or we don't follow the right combination of diet. People of different age group require different kind of nutrients. Seniors can benefit from taking in supplements alongside a balanced diet. Pregnant women should stress on their diet too, they can also take the help of supplement as they are not only taking care of them but also for the baby inside the womb.

Taking herbal supplements
Supplements are a great way to make up for nutrition that we may be lacking in our diet but it should not be regular practice as supplements cannot be a substitute of naturally taking in the nutrients through the food. All the nutrients are not present in the supplements as are present in the foods but if it really becomes necessary to take supplements or vitamins then the detox program that you are undergoing may require some consideration as they are dependent on tablets and supplements.

Before taking any pills it is absolutely essential to know what exactly one is taking in. So read the labels. The labels contain the direction for taking the supplements, the quantity that ought to be taken and the amount of which nutrients in what amount is contained in each serving. You can be sure of the ingredients which are just plain included and the ones that are the primary ingredients in the supplement. What are the nutrients that are included and what way should the supplement be stored all these can be found on the label. Following the instructions to take the supplements will ensure that you get the nutrition in proper manner that can be assimilated by the body.

If a supplement makes use of large doses of any particular nutrition then it is better to avoid it. As the old saying goes too much of a good thing is not at all good. One should be careful when the nutrition is taken in a pill form because unlike the natural foods these are processed and the body might not react to it the same way it does for nutrition availed from natural foods. Multivitamins such as Centrum and One a Day are good as they provide a good variety of multivitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Those supplements provide 100% requirement on daily basis per servings of all the nutrients instead of only any specific nutrient. But calcium based supplements don't provide 100% daily value.

When you check the label look for the "USP", this actually lets you know if the supplement is made for the purpose of providing you with purity, disintegration, dissolution or strength.

Most supplements available in the market do boast of their effectiveness so be careful that you don't fall prey to nay gimmicks. Natural vitamins are the same as synthetic ones so why pay more money for synthetic ones?

Always check the manufacturing and the expiry date. The nutrients can lose the nutritive value over time so even if it is close to expiry date but not expired you might not want to purchase the supplement. Also if you have been storing supplements with date expired then it's better to throw it out.

Supplements should be stored with utmost care away from the reach of children. Preferably it should be stored in cool dry place and supplements that contains iron should be kept well out of reach of children since overdose of it causes poisoning in children.

Always check with doctors before taking any supplement since you may have certain condition which may not be allow for certain nutrients in the supplement to go well with your condition. If you are taking any medication, then you should be careful as the medication and the supplement may not agree to each other. Say on e such example is the vitamin B-3 also known as niacin can worsen liver problems and vitamin A if taken for very long time may also initiate liver problems or cause bones to become weaker in women.

As already mentioned supplements may not agree with medication running simultaneously, for example vitamin E is absolute no, if the person is on blood thinning pills as it may interfere with the process.

So here were some things that have to be kept in mind before using supplements. If you follow the above guidelines then you are well on your way to build a healthy body. But it is very wrong to believe that supplements are good for body, proper measure should be exercised when one is taking supplements and always it should be in recommended quantity because too much of a good thing can wreak havoc with the body.

Below you will find some of the popular pills that are used as part of a detox program.

Full Body Detox by DHERBS
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Herbal Detox Plan by Xandria Williams
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Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cleansing Kit
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Colon Extra Cleanse
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