Herbal Colon Cleansing Supplements

Detoxification is the buzz word in the wellness industry with a range of products, diets and programs developed for detoxing your body. The approach to detox usually involves any method that will reduce the stress and strain of toxins on the body while enhancing its cleansing ability to rid itself of built up toxins. Generally detox can be an organ by organ approach to cleansing or a full body detox. Colon cleansing is among the more popular detox program as the incidence of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and other bowel related complaints are prevalent in modern society.

Herbal supplements may be useful in assisting with a detox program. The non-toxic, naturally occurring plant material is usually well tolerated by the body with little or no side effects. A range of herbs can be useful in a colon detox and should be coupled with an appropriate dietary plan during the course of the detox program. It is vital to consider the persisting bowel related symptoms in each individual case before commencing the detox program. This will ensure that the appropriate herbal supplement is used for optimal cleansing. The more common herbs used in a colon detox are Cascara, Senna, Yarrow, Burdock and Sorrel. The holistic effects of herbs means that many other herbs can be used for a colon detox but these herbs are of primary importance to the colon.

The colon is faced with a range of toxins from the fast foods and large amounts of meat that we eat to the breakdown products of alcohol and prescription drugs. The path of the waste substances through the colon should be unimpeded for rapid evacuation to prevent further toxicity. The colonic bacteria play an important role in breaking down the remaining substances and final absorption of essential nutrients before the waste material is passed out. In terms of a colon detox, the focus should be on regular bowel movements with a healthy stool consistency. A colon detox should allow for the naturally occurring intestinal bacteria to thrive while reducing the population of the ‘bad’ or invading pathogens in the colon like bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa.

Other important points to consider when using a herbal supplement for a colon detox is the concomitant bowel symptoms that you may be experiencing like bloating, gas (flatulence), stool consistency and intestinal cramping. A simple diet of fresh fruit and vegetables is better tolerated during the detox process. High fiber intake, live culture yoghurt and abstinence from alcohol and prescription drugs should be followed coupled with the intake of appropriate herbal supplements for a complete colon detox.

The length of your detox program should depend on your body’s needs and response to the detox program. Usually a colon detox with the use of the appropriate herbal supplements will yield quick results. After the completion of your colon detox, it may be advisable to continue with the herbal supplements to regulate bowel movements and ensure colonic health. A detox program should be undertaken whenever previous bowel related symptoms reappear. A colon detox is an important routine in maintaining bowel health as we live in a society plaged with colonic diseases like cancer of the colon, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Maintaining a healthy colon with a regular colon detox will often leave one feeling light with an improved sense of wellbeing.


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