Herbal Body Wraps

Have you ever heard about body wraps? It is a process that is done instead of plastic surgery in order to brighten up your exterior looks. This process helps you in getting smooth skin and also helps in tightening all the loose skin which you might have got out of tremendous weight loss. This method is very helpful in relieving the pains and inches of the body and thereby helps in increasing the flow of the blood. This will give overall benefit to the body through many means. Herbal body wraps and massage programs are widely carried by various saloons and herbal parlors across the globe and people prefer this method rather than plastic surgery due to less complications and expense.

Herbal body wraps make use of the herbal products that are made out of natural ingredients in order to help the removal of toxins from the body in more efficient manner. This will help in the cutting down of fat components into simpler format so that it can be easily flushed out of the body using the natural detoxification methods. Also this process helps in the removal of fat contents that are present in the pores so that the pores open up enabling all the nutrients to work effectively in the body. This will help you in getting the most beautiful skin with tight texture. This also helps in the removal of fat lipids from the body thereby helping in the fat lose to occur always.

There are many combinations of body wraps and you can easily get it done by visiting a good spa in the city. It is true that the process is expensive and there are methods by which you can carryon with the body wraps by making the body wrap component at home by using very few ingredients like clay, natural sea salt. Also you can add one or two herbs along with oil to make a perfect body wrap pack at home. Here is the process of making body wrap in spas. You can definitely take a look.

You require sample of the essential oil along with the following ingredients.

Lavender, lemon, sage, sandalwood, lemon grass, rose Mary, grape fruit and olive oil.
Chamomile flower powder, Alfalfa leaf powder, rose petal powder, ground basil, rosehip powder are the most important herbs required for making the body wrap pack.

Clay Body Wrap Recipe
The following ingredients are required to make clay body wrap.
1 cup green clay or bentonite, 1/4 cup sea salt, 2 tbsp. olive oil, 2 cups water

The process starts with boiling water in a vessel and you can add sea salt in to and stir it continuously until the salt dissolves in the water. After that you should slowly add all the other ingredients one by one and you should continue stirring the mix in the vessel. You should make sure that the mix is having adequate water content so that you can get a fine paste out of the process.

You should cover your body with the pack and then cover your body with the help of a thin sheet or towel. Most of the spas make use of a special sheet that is used for this purpose and this is done in order to press the paste onto your skin. You should relax yourself and lay down for about 45 minutes at least for getting maximum effect out of the process.

Body wrap session

You should get prepared in order to undergo body wrap so that it will help you to get maximum benefit out of the process. There are certain things that must be followed in order to get a wonderful experience out of the body wrap session.

1) There is a chance of spreading the paste on many places in the surrounding area where you are going to undergo the process. So it is better to have it in the tub so that you need not have to mess your house.
2) It is well understood that you may get bored in the tub as you need to remain there for 45 minutes at least to get the benefits. In order to pass time, you are requested to carry a music player with you so that you can relax by listening to your favorite songs and finally the time will also run fast.
3) You can also take a warm shower before applying the paste as it will be easier to apply on wet skin and will be beneficial.
4) You are requested to drink lot of water before and after the process in order to increase urination and this will help in removing the toxins easily from your body.
5) You can use a thermal foil blanket to keep yourself warm while doing the process.
6) You should not take any caffeine, sugar, fried fatty food items in the next 2 days in order to make use of maximum benefit that can be got out of the process.


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