Heavy Metal Detox

Each and every day we live in this environment that is getting more and more toxic, curse to us, we the human being are the most notorious to bring about this change. There are concerns about global warming, but the heavy metals that are piling up inside our body create much more threat that is in need of attention. The knowledge as how to avoid the toxic materials is no doubt important, but the process of getting rid of these elements that have accumulated inside our body is also essential.

One of the most hazardous toxins that we use to consume is heavy metals. These elements inside our body can come from potentially less observed source like dental fillings, drinking polluted water, consuming foods that are exposed to heavy metals accidentally, from the workplace or even from breathing contaminated air.

The most notorious heavy metals are lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, zinc, silver, antimony, bismuth and cadmium. It is dangerous to have heavy metals gather inside your body as it may slow down the normal brain function and reducing the mental alertness. In case your body is overburdened with heavy metals, a heavy metal detox will be of great help.

Proper chelating agents are used in a heavy metal detox program to neutralize the heavy metals. These chelating agents combine with the respective heavy metal to turn them less active. They also prevent the metallic agent to bind with the blood. A proper heavy metal detox can be achieved when it is successfully excreted from the kidneys, liver or through GI system.

The chelating agents are available in specific foods. They can be acquired from the local departmental store also. The most common chelating agents are

Milk Thistle it is also recognized as Silymarin. It helps in the process of liver detoxification, thus reducing the heavy metals from the liver tissues. Milk thistle is also known to protect membranes of red blood cells.

Magnesium can encourage the proper functioning of the immune system. It also increases blood levels of certain enzymes which are capable to induce such enzymatic reaction to detoxify the tissues of our body.

Chlorella is also used as a mild chelating agent. In green algae, chlorella is abundant. This has a three layer cell wall, which contains cellulose microfibrils. This fiber like substances aids in the heavy metal detox. Fresh fruit juice contains larger numbers of chlorella and is a very much beneficial agent for heavy metal detox.

Mercury can be eliminated from the body using Cilantro. Cilantro helps in heavy metal detox by re-establishing the normal functions of our cells. Using cilantro as a salad topping is a good idea to consume.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) can potentiate the synthesis of cysteine and glutathione. NAC is also a good source of sulfur. These elements help in the heavy metal detox by potentiating the urinary clearance.

Methionine is also a naturally existing heavy metal detox agent. It increases the production of lecithin and cysteine inside the liver. Methionine also helps in production of protein molecule and thus restoring health.

Vitamin B6 is especially recommended in cases of dental problems. This vitamin has a particular role in heavy metal detox by helping in the excretion of such elements through urine and sweat.

Of course, if you prefer, there's always an easier way to get rid of heavy metals in your body and that's through ReNew Life's Heavy Metal Cleanse.


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